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Front Squat Questions


I’ve been using front squat as an accessory for my deadlift for some weeks.The best I’ve managed to do is 60 kg/132 lbs x 10 just cause keeping my form in check is very hard.So
1.How does it look?Am I doing something wrong?
2.I only care about the deadlift.Will spending time in front squat as opposed to back squat where I can go around 120 -130 kg /264 - 286 x 10 help my deadlift more?
Here’s a clip after my speed pulls


If you are using the front squat as an assistance to strengthen your deadlift, use more weight and do shorter sets. Personally I like doing a linear progression with weights and reps like this:

4x3, 1x3+ for 2-4 weeks
4x2, 1x2+ for 2-4 weeks
4x1, 1x1+ for 1-2 weeks

You can try a similar method with higher reps per set and progress from 8’s to 5’s and finally 3’s. I just personally despise continuous longer sets on the front squat and much rather push myself really hard for just one AMRAP-set.

Your front squats look fine though I would personally try to go a bit deeper.


That’s a nice idea.As far as depth goes I can’t go any deeper without rounding over


Then simply use that depth, it’s good enough.

I have found that approach to front squats and training in general very helpful. I use this same kind of progression on paused bench, touch and go bench, back squats and overhead presses and it works like a charm. Just remember, only work until positive failure at most. The AMRAP-set should never be cut short because you simply lack the strength to complete the rep anymore or reach muscular failure.


I’ll give it a try for 5 weeks and see how it works out.Thanks for the help


The best way I found to get front squats to drive my DL was to do 10 singles or five doubles of paused in the hole front squats at around 75% right after my DL work sets. I’d pause until I started shaking a bit and then come up.

It isn’t pleasant but I think it helped me crack 440 lbs quite quickly. Use them for around 12 weeks and see where you’re at.


How exactly do the front squats affect the DL? Which muscles does it develop that also help the DL?


Generally rather psotiviely as far as I’m aware.

They hit the back from to bottom. I figure paused front squats are one of the most taxing exercises on the upper back. Plus, front squats tend to hit the quads and stronger quads are never going to hurt your DL.


That sure is a good idea.I’ll probably give it a try at my next training cycle


1.Front squats are heavily depended on core and upper back strength so getting them stronger can benefit your deadlift
2.Stronger legs=stronger deadlift off the floor


Oh how I hate front squats… they can still be very beneficial, Id suggest using your deadlift stance and pausing for 1-2 sec at the bottom. Also try deadlift stance box squats, they will have the most carryover to off the floor strength in my opinion.


I give a few tips here


I shared that hate with a passion until I started doing low-rep front squats only. Deadlift box squats are epic if you can do them. I found my knees couldn’t take a stance that close.


Thanks Alpha.After watching like every front squat video I could find I think my problem is just that I’m not familial with the movement


I use box squats with deadlift stance from time to time and I love them.Unless I put the bar in front of me.Then I hate them


@Alpha, would there be any detriment to training the Front Squat with a bodybuilder style grip (keeping in mind I use it as Powerlifitin’ assistance)? The clean grip hurts my dainty little wrists around 315.


I don’t think so.Many lack the mobility for a clean grip and use bb style.Look at dan green or derek kendall


The only people on the planet who actually need the clean grip on front squats are weightlifters. If you train front squats to improve your squat or deadlift, there’s no benefit in using the clean grip over the pharaoh grip.


@khmccarthy I think either is fine, but personally I find it easier to keep the bar steady using a clean grip and I tend to feel it more in my upper back too. You can try using straps wound around the bar and hold those too - that way your wrists won’t bend.


@khmccarthy I think there is, but that is only my personal preference. i think the balance is better because you can use your hands like outriggers on a canoe. When i cross my arms, i don’t feel nearly as stable, but again, that is just my own personal opinion.

I just uploaded another video where I go into some more tips for the front squat and hit 530lbs for a new PR if you want to check it out.