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Front Squat Q: Guy @ the Market w/ legs thicker than B. Warren CRAZY


so i'm buying the fixings to season my 24lb bird tomorrow and this guy i've seen once before in my market is leaving. we've spoke previously about power lifting/bb i was awestruck by his legs, thicker than any wheels i've ever seen in person, shredded to...separation very noted just as he stood relaxed.

the guy is a powerlifter and has competed w/ a RAW squat of somewhere between 760-780lb (back squat obviously not front) fucking BANANAS i tell you.

i tell him i did some front squats yesterday 225lb working sets hehehe, he replies how are your shoulders feeling.

the fuck if i don't get painful bruised deltoids every time i front squat even w/ 135lbs.

he mentioned a trick using straps to secure the bar, it keeps your form tight also. for the life of me i don't remember what/how he explained it, he was even nice enough to demo in the parking lot while his wife and daughter and my gf laughed at the whole ordeal.

any ideas on the wrap/set up...basically the wrapped the bar hangs somehow w/out the need to really hold it. the guy had legs like a crazy dinosaur.

also: HAPPY HOLIDAYS enjoy the eating


skip to about 8:40


He prolly meant something like this:


OH yeah, my brother showed me this when he was trying to get me into Olympic lifting a few years ago. Normally, you would end up with your wrists cocked back and elbows elevated to hold the bar 'properly' (not the way typical bodybuilders, myself included, do, with your hands over the bar). I believe what he did was to unloop straps, and fastened them so they were affixed with the bar actually going THROUGH the 'loop' portion. Then, because my hands and wrists were unable to bend back far enough for be under the bar as it rested on my collarbones, I would grab the loose end of the straps with my fists, and my elbows elevated, as I squatted.

(Damn I hope that makes some sort of visual sense! -lol)



i started doing it after i saw this guy doing it lol...i feel much more secure doing it like this as my flexibility is pretty bad...


I like the arms crossed method best


You obviously bumped into H4M :slight_smile:

Happy holidays.


Straps are excellent since I don't possess the forearm flexibility. However whether physically or psychologically I felt stronger using a BB cross grip. I think for achieving the goal of size, strength etc all methods are okay but a clean grip is necessary if you intend to work on Olympic lifts. Just my two cents from less than 6 months doing front squats :slight_smile:

Great video.


That's a great trick if your wrists aren't flexible enough for the olympic grip, but it wont help with the shoulder soreness.

I still prefer the olympic grip though. It feels much more stable, and if I attempt a 1RM lift it's easier do throw the bar away from me.


I've always used the crossed method, I've been doing FS consistently for a year and managed to get to 260*3. My shoulders get red, but not bruised. When I start getting black marks I'll consider switching!

Edit: Update, I tried them today for the hell of it. Honestly, it feels LESS secure in that position. Perhaps it takes some getting used to, but it felt like it was about to slide out any second.


The only reason to even try the straps method, if you lack the wrist flexibility to perform them 'traditionally', is if you're somehow trying to work up to it. Otherwise, I really see no reason why anyone wouldn't use the 'crossed arm method'. Of course you need to seriously remember to keep your elbows elevated when you first begin utilizing this approach, but the bar, and the weight itself will still rest in the exact same spot on your torso no matter how you maintain it there.