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Front Squat Progression

Yo. Had to start working out at home recently and started to incorporate front squats into leg day due to lack of machines. Turns out my core is a complete bitch, so I’ve been working on it to bring the front squat (and core) up.

What kind of progression are you guys normally seeing when using FS as accessory to BS? I can BS ~305 for 3 but my FS in that range is like 165. It feels embarrassingly low.


Progression is progression. Whatever you pick will do the trick provided it is in line with your goals.

If your abs and midsection are letting you down, work on that. If - which is most likely - your upper and middle back are letting you down, work on that. If your front squat is just over half your squat, it is unlikely that your midsection is the weak link, but is very likely your upper/middle back.

Awesome. Well I guess that extra core work didn’t kill me.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll work on upper back. Cheers

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It definitely won’t. You’d be hard pushed to go wrong with ab wheel rollouts, that’s for sure. Pausing the front squat in the bottom for a second or two tends to help as well, and I know quite a few guys have had success with heavy rack holds (walk out, hold the bar for time, rack it) usually with more weight than they can actually front squat.

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On top of this, go look up Chasing Records in the training logs. @ape288 has done serious work and is doing front rack carries atm


Rofl front rack carrying 455. What a savage. Insane relative weight

I did 5 hundo last time. I was a little beat up yesterday so I stopped at 455.

These are a great time as well. Flex the glutes, quads, and abs as hard as possible. You can generate massive amounts of tension, enough to actually make these muscles sore. Go heavy enough and 15 seconds feels like eternity.

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Amen to that.

Also the DOMS feel like they last just as long. They seem to go away after a bit, but those first few weeks suck ass the day after.

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Second the heavy carries. I think the key to front squat is to remember it’s not the back squat. That is, You can’t 20 rep on it and even a 5 may be difficult beyond a warm up set. Focus on singles, doubles and triples personally.

Even when using it as accessory to BS? I’ve been keeping it mostly in the 6-10 range after I’m done with BS.

It depends on your goal I guess. I use it as my main strength based leg exercise so I keep reps low and use hack squats and split squats for higher reps.

When I say you can’t do the higher rep stuff, I mean more than you can’t do it in the same way. Your upper will normally fatigue quickly in the FS so to find a weight that you can use for higher reps you’ll find it doesn’t challenge your lower body much.