Front Squat Programming

Just a question regarding the best methods for improving the front squat.
At the present time I am a 22 year old natural lifter. My front squat is at 135kg, however within the next 6 months or so I plan on trying to get it up to at least 150kg, if not 160kg.

I have had success with using smolov for back squats, and over a 15 month period and 2 full cycles of smolov my back squat has gone from 140kg to a max of 215kg. As such, I have had experience with smolov and although it is brutal I know it is effective for me. Could the full smolov cycle be used for front squats, or would it be preferable to use smolov jr? As stated I am a natural lifter, and know that although I am 22 my recovery capacity is only so much.

In addition to this, I have recently used the Hirvis bench program to good effect.
This is split into two days per week, where day 1 week 1 is 70% 8 x 8, day 1 week 2 is 75% 7 x 7 and so forth until week 8, which is 1 x 1 at 105%. Day 2 is 8 singles at 90% every week. Although this has been used for my bench, I don’t see why this wouldn’t be effective for my front squat, and would definitely be less stressful on my nervous system. Does anyone have any experience with this?

These are my two options at the minute, and I’m just looking for advice as to which is preferable. Conversely, has anyone had experience with other intensive methods , and what are these?

Thanks, robbie

Smolov JR really isn’t different than the base smolov cycle. same weights and volumes I think. Front squat is less taxing than a back squat, so I don’t see why you couldn’t do that. Hatch is another grueling squat cycle that works.

Thanks double, I’ll look that up. Have you tried it? Have you tried smolov, and which do you prefer?