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Front Squat Problems


I was supposed to work up to a 5RM in the front squat for the Next Frontier program. I couldn't get the right grip for the Oly-style (it just didn't feel comfortable at all, despite the fact that I have fairly flexible wrists and have always been a good powercleaner), and when I tried to BB style, the weight I was using was simply too much for my delts to handle.

I finally said "fuck it" and threw some 25's under my heels so that I could get a solid 5RM without destroying my shoulders.

Is there something I should do to corrent this, or is my weight load at this point simply too much to make front squatting not feasible?


You will probably have to reduce the weight first of all. Second, your delts will become acustom to the pain of the bar, it is just something it is not used to. Personally I dont use the oly style front squat due to the fact that I nearly tore the tendon in my forearm lifting heavy and it over stretched my wrist.

Try lighter weight and may find a "STING_RAY" for the shoulders. You can find them on ebay! GOOD LUCK!!


the front squat takes a long time to really develop good form....

eventually you will develop the flexibility but you really have to practice it....it shouldnt take you that long to develop, maybe 8 weeks at the very most...

however solid body positioning may take a bit longer depending on your motor skills....rock bottom with a high chest, good descent, and good arch to the back are what you are looking for


Do you know what to search for on ebay, I have tried to find it on there but can't, only found a website it is sold through. I think there is a limit you can go up to without incorporating oly style, my delts start to give when I get up to 205.


I'd say to either lower the weight, concentrate on technique and then slowly increase weight;


If you feel your form was fine with the 25's under your heels then keep it up but try to work down to lower plates (ie.. 10's then 2.5's and eventually flat).


I don't know if this is necesarilly where your problem is at, but I was informed the other day that my front squat form was off. I was keeping my hands flat and trapping the bar agains my delts,(kinda like making the shape of birds wings.) This was causing the bar to sway and resulting in uneven weight distribution. This was corrected by simply locking my thumbs around the bar and gripping it like I would doing any other excercise, (i.e., bench press, barbell rows etc.) Again, not sure if this is where your problem is at, but it made the difference between night and day for my form.


I saw Ronnie doint front squats with about ten million pounds, and he wasn't using oly style...


I use what I suppose you call BB style not sure why though, not like it's exclusive to BB'ers? I work up to 275 for 5 reps and it does temporarily hurt my shoulders but subsides soon after.

Never had a problem with form but I did start on the smith-machine so maybe that helped my learning curve. A simple towel wrapped around the bar works fine. Give it time and keep at it. Ya Coleman does almost 650 for reps.


I may have double posted.. Sorry if I did. I am attempting to send you what I found.


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I had some trouble when starting front squats as well. Check out page 2 and 3 of my old thread, "I just started ABBH1 Today" (page 2 in the sorority forum). Waterbury and a few others posted some pics and gave me some advice that was helpful. Good Luck.



Ever since I bought the "Sting Ray" , I have no problems w/the front squat. Some people hate it, but I love it. Try it, they're pretty cheap.