Front Squat Problems!

When doing front squats I have to severely hyperextend my wrist to keep my hands on the bar. Its not comfortable and not stable. What do I need to do9 to correct this. I’d like to c9oncentrate on front squats for a while but I don’t want to injure my wrists. Thanks.

The flexibility in your wrists will come with time. You might want to wear wrist wraps to help keep the pain to a minimum. Also make sure you raise your elbows as high as possible and you can even let the bar slide down the ends of your fingers if it’s really killing you to hold it in your hands.

when i first tried doing front squats i tried doing they way you are doing them. that didnt work at all, my wrists were in pain. so when leg day rolled around again, i wore a heavy sweatshirt and tried doing them like arnold and the blond bomber used to. walk up to the bar and bring your arms underneath and criss cross them. i know that makes no sense, but let the bar rest on your delts and your arms are purely keeping the bar balanced. if u can imagine the old tv show,“i dream of jeanie” when she granted a wish and how she kept her arms. well thats the closet thing i can compare it to. if anything look for some of those old training pics of arnold doing front squats and you’ll get the picture. dont quit on those front squats, since i started doing them i can really tell the difference.

Hope this helps …Go to previous issues and find issue#93, click on “Question of strenth” by Charles Poliquin,scroll down to the last question.He gives a real detailed answer(With pictures), to someone with the same problem.later man!

I don’t think it would be wise/safe to use wrist wraps while doing front squats. Cross your arms is the safest and least painfull way to do them.