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Front Squat Problem, Snatch as Much as I Clean

Is there any magic solution to help me to get up from a clean? I just can’t seem to improve my FS!

I wonder if its your core? FS’ing takes alot of ab strength.

Have you tried to really prioritize your front squat. Maybe even two or three times a week really drilling it.

Reed : yeah, I even tried to do one or two FS sessions every day! thats the way i increase it the most! But even there… not a lot!

coyotegal : I like the idea to focus more on core strength! Right now it’s only average… so I will probably add more abs work!

Forgive me for all the english mistakes… :slight_smile:

I stopped OL for almost a year, I re-start slowly, so I try to find the best ways to fix my biggest problem… FS

Maybe run a 5/3/1 on your front squat? Perhaps 80% or greater hang cleans?

Weak upper back, weak abs.

Front squatting twice a week. Add in front squats off the pins/dead front squats, 1/4 front squats. Heavy upper back work, standing ab work.

Strong snatch for as slow as you turn the bar over, you catch it in a GREAT position at the bottom though.