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Front Squat Poundage


I am trying to figure out where to start back on front squats (I havent done them in years). Is there a rule of thumb for determining a good 1RM to work off of from your back squat? My working 1RM for back squats is 315 or so, but I know you dont want to mess around with front squats and start too high.

Any ideas?


Why not start at something low and work your way up to a weight you are comfortable with. You don't have to start with the perfect weight the moment you do your first front squat. This way YOU know exactly what you can handle.


Agreed. Start with the bar and add by feel. Just make sure you stay honest with yourself about form as you add weight.



Thanks for the responses. I figure I'll start with a little more than the bar and see where it goes.

Would have been nice to have a handy conversion coefficient or something, but not a big deal. I can see how it would vary from person to person anyways on quad development and technique, which is always a bitch when you get back into front squats.



I think its 0.8 assuming you got the form down for both.


Thanks for asking this question. I was just about to post this myself :slightly_smiling:



As was said, start lighter. The "groove" of front squats is different from regular squats, so give yourself a few workouts to build up your stability and avoid injuries.