Front Squat Pain

I broke my left collar bone playing football 4 years ago back. It wasn’t nasty, just a clean snap in half, and I never got a surgery. It healed in a way that one half is on top of the other half, so it has a bump that sticks out. When I try to front squat anything past 135, the bar pushes against the bump and the pain is excruciating. What are some remedies for this? I want to front squat to grow some damn quads to help with my back squat.

Pad the bar, but I can imagine that would make holding it in place more difficult. Alternatively, you can front squat with a safety squat bar if you have one available.
Or high bar, leg press, any other quad based exercise.

Might have to invest in a SSB (safety squat bar). I’d imagine pushing through the pain would make for a serious issue in the well being of your poor collar bone.

Damn, MaazerSmiit beat me to it by like 30 seconds.

Looks like I’m bombing this thread with double posts. I can’t even internet.

Broke mine a few years ago playing football too. No surgery as well. I have found the front rack position to be the most comfortable, if I can get into it. Arms crossed puts the bar more on the ac joint (for me) and it can be a tad painful.

Also I usually front squat in a hoodie for a little extra padding.

Thanks for the input, everyone!