Front Squat % of Back Squat

What is the average percentage of weight that one’s front squat is of their back squat? Maybe there isn’t a set number so maybe it would be better to post some numbers to compare. Thanks

wont be clear to many variables and individual characteristics. Great thread LONG one on this over in strength sports asking very same thing

for shits and giggles

back squat approx 500 +/- depending on the day Front just did 405 x 3 means dick in the end bring one up and well your stronger and will likely be a little better at the other. But front squats seem to aid my DLing more than squating


It’s really individual but I’ve heard for a good squatter your front squat should be 85-90% of your back squat.

I think it really depends on what you’re training for.

I know some athletes who do olympic style weightlifting, and they can frontsquat more than they can backsquat, because they don’t do that in training.