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Front Squat Meets?


okay, this is a serious idea

(first off, i am not a troll before that start's getting written!!!)

there should be front squat meets!

there's already pl meets where the bench, deadlift and back squat records are broken.
in oly lifting meets the clean/jerk and snatch records are broken.

what about the front squats? oly lifters, strongmen, and even many power lifters do them.
many have even gotten to insane poundages like taranko with 300 kgs(660 lbs).

there should honestly be front squat competitions where people attempt to break front squat records. it doesn't have to be a sport of it;s own, but just members from all strength sports coming.

the rules for depth and all the other things will be pl rules(to parallel, good judges etc.)

give your opinions, should there be front squat meets?


I don't think there are that many PL that do front squats...

I'd be up for it but I'm focusing on my OLifts.



I'd also love to do one of those if I actually had a competitive front squat


You could probably convince these guys to include it in their competitions:


Though not sure if these guys are still active.


My answer is no. Don't take offense to this - I don't necessarily think it's a terrible idea, but I would like to see the sport of Olympic lifting grow in the U.S. and I think this would be one more thing to take focus away from OL. I don't know if this is true or not, but I've read that this was how powerlifting got started. The bench, squat, and deadlift were originally just used as assistance exercise for OL. Some of the lifters started having informal, "friendly" competitions among themselves with these lifts - not a bad thing initially. But eventually these lifts branched off into their own sport, attracting participants who otherwise would have been good OLers. Like I said, I don't know if this story is true, but I can see OLers who may be going through a period of frustration with the lifts give up prematurely and turn to these alternative strength sports.

I think having a good FSQ is already built into the lifts. Granted, there are many lifters with a great FSQ who don't have great lifts, or at least not what you'd expect given their squatting strength, and there are other lifters whose max clean equals their max FSQ. But as a general rule, it's rare to see a strong OLer with a weak squat, front or back. It's already a component of OL. It would be like having a "serve only" competition for tennis players. Interestingly, there is a long drive competition for golf, but golf doesn't need any help to grow in popularity and a long drive competition might actually persuade a would-be long driver to convert to OL after learning the lifts to improve explosiveness for what was initially a way to improve his drive.

But all this is just speculation on my part.


There has been a hand full of strongman comps where front squat was an event maybe 2-3 times, pretty rare. I was also told once that if you want to front squat in a powerlifting meet you can, not sure how true that is. I love front squatting and have a decent front squat but all it does is make me look cool on youtube haha


I guess it is possible to put up an unofficial meet if anyone wants to do it?