Front Squat Load Differences

This question is copied (almost) verbatim from another forum I posted on earlier today (without many insightful replies)

My front squat 6rm is currently 240lb (although a limitation is wrist pain, I could get another 20lb) My normal squat 6rm is 330lb. This equates to a 27% (90/330) difference.

It should be noted that my front squat is absolute AtG and my normal squat is to parallel.

Regardless of form, how does this percentage difference compare to other people’s lifts out there?

My difference is 21%, not 27%. You’re obviously doing something wrong.

J/k. Don’t sweat what other people are lifting. Is your form solid? Are you working hard? Are you sorting out that wrist problem?

try tying a lifting strap to the bar and holding that instead of the bar to get rid of the wrist problems

A lot depends on what you train the most. 70-80% is normal. I wouldn’t sweat it if you’re at 27% difference. Olympic lifters are often higher since they do front squats more.

back squats while max out can give u a pretty big ass. an the ladies dun like that .aha… i like my squats front and total ATG.better still dumbbell squats can really work the tear drop muscle like crazy ,and get u a harder look in lower thigh,yet u wont have to worry abt fitting in ur jeans with that big “powerlifters” ass of urs. hehe

really? my girlfriend likes that actually…and it appears others do too sometimes…its not huge(YET), but i’m working on it!

My 5-rep maxes for front and back squats, respectively, are 280 and 415. I can get a lot deeper on front squats without losing my lower back arch, so I pretty much just front squat now.