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Front Squat/Lagging



Im on my third week in CW's "Total Body Training". I like the program so far, and am seeing some jumps in strength.

Being a FFB, the rest of my body lacks FAR behind my legs. So, my question is how can I do front squats and still get maximum stimulation to the lower body?

The problem is not the squat, its that I cant shoulder enough load to fatigue my legs. Currently, my highest squat was 4x5x225, but the most I could stand to shoulder for front squat was 150.

For now, I have just changed to hack squats in leu of doing front squats so I get SOME kind of variation. I would change to sumo squats, but I just changed DL stance to Sumo as well.

Any tips for beefing up the load I can shoulder on front squats? Should I be doing more shoulder work?



Just practicing the front squat more often will help. Do it 2-3 times a week, nothing too straining, and you'll grow used to having a load on your shoulders.
Otherwise, I don't really understand your problem .. you just support it with your shoulders, you aren't supposed to lift anything.
Your entire body needs to be underneath the bar, not just your shoulders and arms.


I agree - I started front squats only a month or so ago - and my front squat numbers are already 85-90% of my back squat numbers. Practice.


I would suggest trying the Sting Ray.


I also use the Manta Ray and I love it. I know some people will say I am a whimp for not taking it raw, and I am ok with that. But after going head first into a windshield when I was younger and after other neck injuries, I welcome not feeling like my spinal cord is being crushed and that numb tingling feeling.

Anyhow, both of these devices have made a difference in my squats and I recommend them.



Tabata Front squats 1 time a week will do WONDERS for nailing great form etc on Front squats.


You could also try zercher squats.