Front Squat Isometric

Was not sure what to call this. But what I mean is holding the bar like you would for a front squat but not going down and up just holding it. During my last workout after benching I did a partial front squat to pick up the weight and put it on the floor and felt an amazing stress on my entire abs.

It made me think I should definetly include front squats since back ones give me pain but right now I am doing a program and couldn’t fit that in so do you think this would be a good alternative since I could include this without changing my workout and seems like it would really help for when I do include front squats in a few months. It seems like the perfect thing to offset my overly strong back from deads and my abs have always been weak I just never got much ab stress from deads or squats when I would try them.

I am thinking I would just add this as an ab exercise maybe three sets timed at the end of my workout?