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Front Squat Grip

How do you grip the bar for this movement? Videos and pictures will be appreciated.

try the search function. you will find everything you need in there for how-to’s on exercises

i prefer this http://www.fullfitness.net/sites/default/files/front_squat.jpg

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:

I LOL’d. That site gets favorited.

To the OP, you hold the bar in a clean grip. If you don’t know what a clean grip is, use your bench grip. Bar rests on your shoulders. Hands are slightly outside shoulders. If you feel pain in your elbows/slightly higher than elbows, bring your hands in a little bit. Elbows should be up. They can drop a 'lil when pushing massive weight, but they shouldn’t start out that way.

Do some unweighted Military presses to juice up your shoulders before front squatting. Thank me later.

Hey Man, you can try this grip as well video link


about one minute in. this is the grip i prefer.