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Front Squat Form Suggestions


I think my form is limiting the weight i can lift. Although i haven't filmed them, i think my T-spine flexes similarly on my back squats. Please offer any suggestions to improve my form.



Nice to see someone using near max weights for a form check for once!!

The only problem I see is that while you're keeping your eblows up (good) your upper back isn't arched at all (bad). Thoracic extension's a big part of front squatting big weights. If you don't got it, you'll keep losing them forwards.

Ya can get away with it on back squats too an extent cos the bar will be lower and shouldn't be effected too much, but if you can get used to arching hard up top it'll really help.


Unfortunately my best cue ('elbows up and in') works best with clean grip but the same principle still applies.

Also, before you unrack the bar make sure that your scapula are retracted ('like you're trying to pinch a pencil between them') and that they stay that way. If you shoulders are rolled forward the tendency will be to flex the upper back. Your form looks very good overall.


I agree with what others said, also try holding the bar closer to your throat.

This is going to sound weird, but go for a choking sensation, and force your chin up. This always helps me stay upright. Also try to spread your knees out and imagine going down into the hole instead of back into it, another thing that helps me not lose them forward. Pointing the toes out a little more helped me as well.

Just some mental cues to help you keep the weights. Looks good otherwise.


agree with all above. i wouldnt suggest this, even though im dumb enough to do it, i have the bar right in my throat just to where it about chokes me lol. probably explains my gasping for air when i finish.


Not so far that it ACTUALLY chokes you, just so you feel it against your throat. It shouldn't hurt your ability to breath at all.


Thanks everybody.

It's clear to me that I don't have very good thoracic spine flexibility. Other than thoracic extentions on a foam roller, are there any suggestions to fix this?


Forms pretty solid, just a few issues that people have mentioned:

Your hips raise a tad too fast and you let your chest dip a bit as you came up. Just make a bit more of a focused effort and keeping that chest upright and strong. The bar will be closer to your neck though. BUT this is a max attempt so you can't really complain. Happens to be me also mate on limit weights. So just something to focused on. As your coming up DRIVE YOUR HIPS IN FORWARDS UNDER THE BAR. This will help you go past sticking points.