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Front Squat Form Help


Was wondering if someone could give me some feedback on my front squat?

I know its light in comparison to the majority of people here, but i'd appreciate any pointers.

I Think I'm dropping my elbows a bit which is causing my weight to come forward a bit and my back to round?

Was a PB lift, 90kg for 5.


*sorry if the video takes a while to load


you may find you get more feedback...

if you upload your vid to youtube and then copy paste the link here. makes for easier viewing for most of us...


x2 Or at least somewhere where I don't have to download some random file onto my computer.


Elbows higher definitely wouldn't hurt.


I'd try and get a bit tighter before you unrack the bar. Currently you just throw your elbows under the bar and lift with absolutely no set up.

Get under the bar, take a deep breath, hold it and then unrack the weight.

If you're planning to front squat big then some weightlifting shoes would be a massive help due to the improvement in leverage they offer


keep the elbows up and push off ur heels


You definitely need to get olympic lifting shoes. It will help you be much more stable in the bottom position. Your elbow position at the top isn't that bad at all, the problem is when you get to the bottom of the squat you allow them to drop and you lean forward a little too much. You need to drive up with your elbows when you get to the bottom. So you should think of it like this: Get under the bar, take a deep breath, keep your elbows up, keep your upper back tight as you go down, and when you get to the bottom drive your elbows up (it'll keep your upper back rigid) as you stand up and finish the lift.


Thanks for the replys. Will work on keeping my upper back tight and my driving with/keeping my elbows up.

Would a pair of olympic lifting shoes really make that much differance at this stage?



It completely alters the angle of the ankles due to the heel. This in turn allows you to stay far more upright during the lift, which is essential for a decent front squat.

Not only that, you will also be far more stable during the lift. Personally, I would HATE to squat in anything other than lifting shoes these days. It is possible to replicate the effect to a degree with normal dress shoes if you want to test it out before forking out on the oly shoes.


Yes, I just got a pair a few weeks ago and my squats feel so much better. The falling forward sensation doesn't happen, gets me into such better positions. Make the investment.