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Front Squat Form Check

Couple things to note:

My right leg is 3/8th inch shorter than the left. It’s also a bit bigger and I’ve noticed some hip shifting with heavier back squats

Haven’t done front squats much until the start of this year when I started (and quit early) a program that included them from the secret santa thing.

My main concerns are that I sometimes notice some extra pressure on the right knee during the squats and sometimes a bit of anterior hip discomfort on the left side after finishing a set. I’d like to work on front squats as I feel struggling with them is pointing out some mobility/stability deficits. Also heard they help with atlas stones so may as well do them until my next comp.

Anything really stand out from these 2 vids or do I just need some general practice/stretching/stability? Would other vid angles be more helpful?

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They look solid to me, man. Good depth, elbows don’t drop, I would just keep plugging away until the joints feel better. If they start feeling worse, however…

That’s probably all there is to it. The reps in these vids required a lot of focus, any heavier and they might get ugly. Think I’ll keep the ego in check and keep trying to hit them a couple times a week to see if something clicks (hopefully not my knees)

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I couldn’t do it with a stance this narrow but no it looks great! After two knee surgeries it took me years and years to feel confident in the squat, then in the front squat etc

I just agree with @trimtabber79

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