Front Squat Form Check

Finally started recording myself during front squats. It seems like my knees push out too far and/or stance is too wide. Also, am I going deep enough? Any advice/critiques would be great. Thanks!

Another angle

Knees are fine. As long they track of your toes they are good.

Stance width is fine also. It’s very individual as to how wide it is from person to person. As long as it’s comfortable it’s good for you.

I tend to recommend a width that is similar to your Cn receive position as that is what you will want to be able to squat up from if you are a weightlifter.

Depth. A bit high, but it’s still past parallel so that is fine.

I always recommend going as deep as you need to in the squats to make it transfer to your lifting. Or going as deep as possible.


Seems fine to me!


Thanks for the replies. I really appreciate the input!