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Front Squat Form Check

Hey folks,

I’ve been programming front squats as a primary lift for the last few weeks in order to work on my general quad weakness and on staying upright in the squat. I’d programmed the lift as a ME movement before, but today was the first time I’d gone for near-maximal weight for about four months.

As some of you might know, I have a stupidly weak squat in comparison to my deadlift (last PRs are 140 kg and 210 kg, respectively). My front squat PR is 125 kg.

Here’s a video from this morning’s training. My initial thoughts are that I need to work on keeping my weight just ahead of my heels and on maintaining a proud chest throughout the concentric. I’d be really thankful if some of the more adept front-squatters around here would offer me a pointer or two on my technique.

Thanks alot in advance!

Elbows up, Chest up. Big air into the belly appeared you pulled most into your chest.

Push the knees out and try to get your hips under you sooner.

Oh get lower you barely broke parallel lol

Haha, thanks Reed. Never thought about getting my hips under me, it seems like a really helpful cue.

I’m working on my wrist mobility to get my elbows up more, any tips?