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Front Squat Form Check HELP!


Is my form any good?

cheers :slight_smile:

Looks fine… but put some real weights on the bar homie.

are you serious with this? I honestly cannot tell…

Your form looks good… but as more weight is added, form tends to break down. Put some real weight on there like Nate86 said and then post a video.



atm moment im not tooo bothered about adding weight.
im trying to make sure i squat ass to grass properly before i go heavy.
ive just started doing stronglifts, and it advocates to start light (20kg, olympic bar) i have a crap bar. so i add it till its 20kg. and each workout im going to add weight.

so it dont look like my form is bad.
btw, my max 5x5 for atg squat last time i tryed was 70kg,(140lb?) but it was probably with awfull form.

If I were in your position, I would go ahead and add at least a little more weight. Like gregron said, form tends to turn to shit when the weight gets heavier, and practicing your technique with that small amount of weight is not going to carry over that well once you want to start adding weight. Might as well just start adding weight (nothing crazy of course, 15-20 lbs would be a good start) and practicing your form at the same time.

cheers Nate86, some sound advice. im gonna up the weight on my next lift. ill post another when ive worked up to a less stupid weight.

Definatly need to see videos with a weight that challenges you.
You may or may not have the bar in a solid rack position but with such little weight we cannot tell.
Do you plan on always cleaning the weight or do you have access to a squat rack?

ye i deffonatly agree i need to put a video up with more weight.
whats wierd, i think i have better form with more weight, which is strange, but im not sure. im having another workout tomorow, ill record another video with more weight tomorow.

about clenaing the bar, at the moment my circumstances are not very ideal lol. im poor. hahaha. so i cant afford a gym membership. so at the moment i am planning on just cleaning, which may become a problem, but i doubt it, as i only have 70kg in weight at home. hoping to get access to a gym that has a squat rack soon.


Ummmm your form is actually not good, your knees are not suppose to pass your toes, as you knees are not even suppose to move, it will naturally move a little but its perfectly fine, just make sure its not passing your toes, think of it as if you were just using your ass to touch a chair, and also the way you hold you bar is perfectly fine, but keep in mind when you get heavier with front squats, you might want to put it around your fron delts and use your arms to hold it like an “X”, also going that low is not really that necesarily, but heres the thing, the lower you go, more glutes and hams is used, but if you go parallel you can go heavier with more volume. (If you seeking for size)

is this just bait? ^

[quote]fitness4lyfe wrote:
your knees are not suppose to pass your toes[/quote]

The slight reduction of torque to the knees is hardly worth the additional stress put lumbar spine when keeping the knees perfectly in line with the toes at all times. Besides, the OP’s knees just barely passed the toes anyway. Big deal.

Using a clean grip is actually much easier and much more stable than using the “X” grip, and it has better carry over to other exercises (e.g. clean, jerk) to boot. All it takes is a little practice and a bit of stretching if necessary.

While it may be true that less weight can be used with ATG squats, it makes no sense at all that using heavier weights going parallel is better for gaining mass.

…and I know I’m hardly an expert by any means, but please refrain from giving advice if you yourself are still asking questions like “can someone give me an example of what to eat? like an eating log? pure muscle no fat”

Or if you look like fitness4lyfe

exhibit a

[quote]Nate86 wrote:
exhibit a


You. are. gay.

cheers for the replies.
but arguing aside,

this is a bit heavier, well double the wight, what does it look like now? any good?

Form looks good, but still I think you need to up the weight. If you are able to clean it to get it on your chest it’s probably not enough.

Yes it may be painful at first and feel like can’t handle it but you just have to suck it up and squat

nate86 that post was so long ago probably before you were even working out OP, I shoot a video if i can and upload it, just so tomsweetser can see how i do it, and you can shut up.

fitness4lyfe and Nate86.
Lads. Chill out. you both have different opinions, no need to be trying to get brownie points over each other

cheers dude, im not not oin heavy cause it hurts in a clean grip, in fact, i find it quite comfy.
but i just started stronglifts, and i wanna do it properly, im gonna start patheticly light ye, but eacch workout im going to add weight, slowly slowly catchy monkey as my grandad says. :wink:

Ignore the dumbass fitness4lyfe, he’s an idiot troll that spouts stupid BS.