Front Squat Fix


What’s the assistance exercise thats going to help me out of the whole and or the mid point? I am finding I dump the bar at different times in both points?

Anderson front squats?

if you read some of CTs articles or programs you will notice paused front squats in the hole as well as Paused front squats after you come out of the hole. Also split squats and 1 1/4 squats

look at his assistance here

here is Lee Boyce

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Ya I do eccentric front squats, zercher squats, klokov front squats, etc… I don’t think pause work is gonna solve the issue. I’ve never tried pushing anderson front squats.

Give it a shot. Adjust the pins as needed for sticking points.

A guy at my gym trains stonelifts (via poormans barbell-end cylinder setup) for his assistance & he does not do strongman; just food for thought

How many times per week are you front squatting?

2 x and back 1 x

Anderson Frankenstein squats

On a sidenote I worked up to 175kg on these

I worry I would break my arm on these through not being able to dump the bar. Can you just get your arms out of the way quickly if you start to lose it?

Of course, but it’s no different than a front squat from pins. If you fail on a front squat you have to dump the back, or squat back down so that you can bring the bar back to the pins. When doing squats from pins I don’t recommend dropping the bar because it will bend it. But I’ve miissed a few of these Deadstop Frankenstein squat, and simply squatted back down to put the bar on pins. If the bar roll on your arms it’s because the weight you used is WAY too heavy for your capacity and you are simply dumb for trying that weight.


yup I did these this morning with a 5 sec eccentric and a 5 sec pause on pins. Theyre so hard and exposed a huge quad weakness. Ty.

@Christian_Thibaudeau I tried this today 6, 4, 2 waves. First wave was anderson and second was full squat.

Not a bad idea!

I also once had crossfit athletes do a continuous ramp of Frankenstein / Front squat / Back squat

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I tried frankenstein squats from pins at two different heights. I found bottom below 90 degrees were easier than 90 and above. TY definitely identified sticking spot.

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