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Front Squat Feedback


Could people have a look at my FS technique and provide feedback.

i squat barefoot and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future as I'm not looking to compete.

Could people suggest any pointers for technique or notify me of any glaringly obvious issues.

Plus any exercises to help rectify issues as well would be most appreciated

I have here front and side clips of same squat at 50kg, 80kg and 100kg (3rm) (2nd real week of training after MCL injury)








Looks pretty enough to me. Your lower back rounds a little, maybe you should work on your hip mobility. Generally speaking, the front squat is a self-correcting exercise; if you lean forward too much, you'll just drop the bar.


Cheers. So I'm not arching too much in my lower back.


you should keep your ellbows higher during the rep, especcialy the lower part of the squat. when you et loper you are starting to drop your ellbows to much.
when doing that you automatic stimulate thoracic extension in your back. if you arent flexible enough to keep that position you have to go strecht your lats and upper back
hope that helpt


Ok here is the issue with front squats. Someone with good good hip mobility and strong quads can make a front squat look pretty good when in fact it is complete shit.

I suspect this is the case here. Your posture is very sloppy and the squat looks surprisingly good, which often means your nearing your ceiling for strength with poor form.

How is your back squat?

Also, how much weight is that you have there and how much do you weigh?



Had injured back both lumbar and thoracic regions at different times playing rugby. Still not happy with thoracic region especially around my rhomboids.

Still working on them, any advise on how to improve that area of the back is always welcome.


The weight ranges from 50 kg to 105 deep do g on he video. The one with only two reps is at 105. My near max. My BS is at 120 at the moment but I believe my form suffers to from similar issues. Namely poor hip issues! Oh and I weigh 85kg

So would you suggest working on thoracic spine mobility and general back strength to be able to hold the bar?

I'm still unsure of the correct width for grip. Is my back supposed to be as tight as possible with shoulders back or can the shoulders drift forward to create the shelf for the bar to rest on. If my description. Makes no sense I'll take a clip or two with the different combinations to see what people think as I'm still not sure.

Oh and another thing as I find both okay. Are you supposed to FS with a wide or narrow foot stance, relative to shoulder width?



Thank for reminding g me of that very useful. I will start throwing in more strap work for volume but I want to develop the strength and flexibility to complete FS with a clean grip as I want to progress to improving my clean and oly movements.