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Front Squat Evaluation


Would people be willing to evaluate my FS for if I posted online. I live in the middle of the countryside with no real gyms around and I fear since leaving Uni and having a tear to my MCL my form is shot.


I'd be more than happy to.


Cheers, managed to get videos of me doing FS starting at 30kg (~70Lb) working my way up to 105kg (~240lb) in 10kg (~22lb) increments and using ramping methods at the high end. I have only uploaded footage of the 50kg, 80kg and 105kg Squats having issues with uploading!







Chest out, elbows up, look up, your form is pretty good just keep these in mind cause in the first video I can see a little bit of rounding on the upper back when you reach your sticky point, I fixed that by looking up (driving with my head)


^ This... look at where you want to go, I do the same thing with deadlifts.


Focus on keeping your elbows pointed in and up. You look really kyphotic with the upper back. Work on correcting that. Front squats already do, but there's much more than will help.


Cheers guys for the feedback thus far. Could the kyphosis look come from not setting grip/rack position correctly.

I had thought I may be expressing signs of kyphosis and lordosis but was not sure need to look into or is it only minor at the moment?

Are you supposed to take a wider grip and squeeze mid back (rhomboids I believe) or as I think I do let the shoulder move forward to rest the bar on and thus stretch you mid / upper back ?

For kyphosis is not the "cure" rows rows and more rows in a very simplistic way of putting things?


I was always under the impression that you looked up in squats but at a point a foot of the ground in dead lifts to stop you arching and stressing the cervical pat of the spine


Karydas91 would you say I need to throw in some more work to strengthen my mid-upper back to be able to support the weight. Facepull, rows, pull ups or more abdominal work to be able to brace the weight from the anterior? If the later what would be the best exercises to increase the load I can brace with?


Looks somewhat extreme. The kyphosis looks to be coupled with an undertucked butt, aka a posterior pelvic tilt (PPT). In short, your body isn't meant to front squat. In fact, you could hurt yourself pretty bad. I might be wrong on the PPT, though, but that kyphosis needs to be fixed! Front squats will help, but make sure you're doing it the right way.

Elbows IN and UP. Sit back into it.


Thanks again. Will do more for the kyphosis. Would you agree with performing exercises from the Neanderthal no more program by Creesey?

With the PPT, does that mean my butt is sticking too far back? Putting a curve and thus undue stress on the lumbar spine?

To prevent this happening to I need to focus on tighter abbs and glutes when performing the movement?

Would box squats help? Or high rep front squats? Would you recommend glute bridges or single leg work to help improve that area. (Lower issues [lordosis])?


Hey Moonboots,

Want to get rid of the "kyphosis" ?
Take some weight off the bar.
Its much more pronounced in your singles vs. your triples.....
oh hey look ya got more on the bar for the singles.

And i may be off but i'd say your a good 5'10" or 6 ft yeah?
I once read an olympic blog where someone asked
"i'm 6 ft tall, 180lbs, what weight class should i shoot for to compete in?"
And the answer he got i remember most was "superheavyweight"
Cause that was right.
Most superheavyweights ain't much more that 6 feet.

Klokov is 6 feet and tall for a 105.....and looks alittle "kyphosis" when squatting heavy.

But hey screw that....you go for it.

"not made to front squat" screw that too. When you were 16 months old you front squatted all the time, like a mother.
I'm gonna guess again and say front squatting ain't hurting you any.

Just take some time, which you have, lower the weight (most of the time) and get the form right.
The chinese when starting out drill their young lifters with the bar alone for weeks before anything goes on it.

And get in the habit of being conscious of your posture everywhere OUTSIDE of the gym. Our society is built on slumping,....in front of the computer, in the car, texting etc with your phone, on the couch etc etc. If your posture sucks outside of the gym, please don't expect it to magically straighten up when you walk in the gym and max front squat. Won't happen.

Ain't never even heard of that till today.

And plan on forgetting it as soon as i hit submit.

roll your shoulders back,tighten your abs a bit and set your ass muscles and keep your head up not down. Thats how we evolved, with our head up so we could see whats coming,
"is that a deer or a fuckin tiger?".
Not down in the computer, the smartphone, or TV laying on the couch.

Your fine, just swallow pride and get the form right.



Cheers lb

I am normally co colour of my posture and I do hunch a tad overdeveloped my chest when younger when niave and benching all the time at 16. I'm 5'11 poss 6' I weigh in at 87kg or 191lb

FS don't hurt at all except grip fails at heavier weight! Legs never really feel taxed.

Think I need to take a wider grip so I can let my chest rise more and extend my thoracic spine.

Saw a clip from mark ripentoe. (Apologise if spelt incorrectly) illustrating that you lead with the knees need o try that to see if it helps keep the lower abbs tight and prevent too excessive ppt.
And as for the kyphosis it was mordant to be more a query than a statement of fact. :slightly_smiling:

I have been advised to never do more than 6 reps on front squats would you guys concur? If so what weight is going to be best to train at to improve from / technique (relatively speaking). ( considering its easier to lift with a little weight on the bar due to moment around the centre of gravity) keep with 6 reps? If so how many sets would you recommend I aimed for??



Yo, sorry i don't get on here everyday, life is too short.
If your concerned about where you are grabbing the bar watch this:

Kelly knows his shit, check out the dude's posture and Donnie Thompson don't need to be making video's with no one he doesn't respect.

As for rep range?

keep changing it up. Low and heavy, high and light. Your not stupid. Keep videoing your lifts and then sit down and watch.
"my form sucked on that set, need to lower the weight"
High rep or low, hammer the form. Hammer The Form.
In the Long run you will come out ahead.
Yeah, when you PR it may break down a bit but then you be the judge and say hey, i can do that better.
Hammer The Form.



Lets try again


And again


Yes, you are supposed to keep your head and neck straight/neutral during both lifts. Looking up with put unwanted stress and hyperextension on your neck and spine.


Could you elaborate on sitting back into it? This is not a cue I would use in the front squat because pushing the hips back (like in a LBBS) causes too much torso lean in the front squat. Front squatting (especially done with the clean grip) is a preparation for the clean, in which you receive the bar in an extremely upright position.

To the OP, my recommendation would be simply just more front squatting, don't go too heavy, but practice the movement frequently and the position will naturally develop.


oh i never bend my head just look with eyes probably bad description by me