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Front Squat Device (Stingray)


Anyone have any experience with this? I love front squats but damned if they don't kill my fucking shoulders. I spend more time concentrating on the bar placement than I do the movement.



you could try doing front squat with the bar held on your back :stuck_out_tongue:


I have one, I like it, and use it all the time. Here's a tip. In the picture, notice how the guy grips the bar so that the his index and middle fingers straddle the bar? Don't do that. I've noticed that on heavy sets, my shoulders still get fatigued holding the bar and/or I start leaning forward slightly. Bad form, I know. What this does is cause some of the weight to shift toward the hand and puts a LOT of stress on the knuckle joint of the index finger. Instead, rest the bar in the V between your thumb and index finger.


I agree with Mike, it works great and our members love it. Good call on the hand position!



I called them after I posted. I can get both (Manta Ray and Sting Ray) for $73 + $6 shipping. I don't think I really need it for back squats but you guys habve sold me on it for front squats. I'm ordering tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback. Sometimes when I see shit like this I'm compelled to think it's a useless gimmick.


The manta ray is a great switch up for squats. Gives you a high placement for more quad involvement. I love mine, and even the guys at westside use it.


That is a good deal. I got both of them at different times, and payed 48 a piece not including shipping. I loved using both when I could, very handy tools to have.