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Front Squat Critique and Advice Needed

My question is, For my lower body days, I usually cycle between back squats, deadlifts, box squats, and front squats. Could I still progress with just these 4 lifts? I also wanted to do half squats, and was thinking about Rack Pulls also. I’m training to jump higher and run faster, so I don’t know how much I really need to have variety in my exercises, but of course, I could be wrong. We don’t have different bars for squats or a trap bar for deadlifts. What do you guys think? I appreciate the help.

squatting in its self give me the best results for a higher vertical, but i assume you would be doing plyo’s and box jumping aye?

Yeah. I usually have some type of explosive work in there too. I did power clean before the front squats, but didn’t record it. When its warm out, I also do sprints and jumps on the track.