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Front Squat Cramps

So I’ve always done back squats and am now transitioning into seriously training with front squats for the first time.

I upped the weight by 10lbs today and noticed that on the second or third rep of the second set I started getting a cramp on my left side near the hip. I couldn’t tell whether it was my hip flexor or lower abs. It was in that area, right at the socket where the thigh connects to the hip. The cramp felt like there was some rope tied really tight around my waist, my first reaction was to think that the drawstrings on my shorts had somehow become extremely tight around my hips, but I knew this was not it. I’m pretty sure that if I increase the weight, this cramp will also get worse.

Does anyone know what this could be? And what exercises/stretches to perform to help it?

I’m still a young lifter without prior injuries and this is really the first cramp I’ve had that I’ve been worried about.

Thank you for your help.