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Front Squat Check


About 6 weeks into SS. Working weight for back squat is 175. This front squat is 135. I'm wearing the 5 fingers shoes (like bare foot). Working on hip mobility. here are my 3 sets hopefully in order. I hope the videos are rotated correctly. I can't figure out how to do it on my computer.....


hmmmmm, i guess only first set went up. here is number 2


set 3


Not that it matters to the topic but I was under the impression that Starting Strength didn't incorporate front squats.

Depth looks good. The main thing I notice is the lower back rounding a bit at the bottom, and the knees coming in a bit. Focus on keeping the knees tracked over the toes (essentially angled out more) and keeping the whole back tight, especially the lower back. While the upper back matters too, you will notice, because if that relaxes, the weight will just fall so you don't need a coach to tell you that.

Main thing is keep the back tight.


SS does not incorporate front squats but I've been mixing them in every few sessions because it's easier to keep upright I think. I'll record some back squats next work out.


slower on the way down, fast on the way up.


The only suggestion that I can see is maybe try to keep your elbows more up....otherwise good form. Rounding of the lower back on the down needs to be corrected but it's not easy to correct. It's a mechanical and flexibility issue.