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Front Squat California Grip

Im thinking of switching to clean grip for front squat, any tips for mobility development? How much weight did u guys drop off the bar when/if u switched?

I didn’t switch, when I started, I had never done front squat. I started with 40-50kg, 95-115lbs. I would say to drop about 20%, possibly more. Your wrists will hurt for a few weeks, but good stretching and consistent work will get past it.

how you grip the bar shouldn’t affect your lift at all. I don’t think I have ever coaced someone where it was that big of a deal. At most it should take you no more than a few weeks to adapt.

In general I think of mobility as a separate issue. If your mobility is pretty close, it shouldn’t take very long to adapt. Few weeks like Glenn said above.

If you’re really tight or inflexible, it’s probably not going to be easily fixed just by switching grips and you will need to do much more dedicated mobility work on T-spine, forearms, triceps, shoulder complex, and chest (which is tight in most people that are not olympic lifters…because they like to train the chest).

In general if you have the flexibility in the first place you shouldn’t need to adjust the weight at all.