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Front Squat=Bench?


I will be finishing up 3 10x3 weeks to get an idea of where i'm at with my goals this week, and I am finding that my Front Squats (405lbs) and Flat BB Bench (425lbs) and very close in weight but the bench is still heavier...

Is anyone else like this or do i front squat the weight of a big pale girl?

I feel like the Front squat should be a good bit heavier in comparison...am i alone on this one?

(Vids in my log...)


I bench well more than I front squat, but I don't ever front squat heavy.


I'm front squatting around 300 and benching around 250 right now, so I don't know the validity of it.


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my front squat is about 10lbs more then my bench. it all depends how you train and what your goals are.


My bench has always been about 10-15lbs more than my front squat.


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Same here, my bench press is a bit stronger than front squat about 5kilos.


Mine are the same, but that's because my bench sucks and I only ever back squat. Oh. And my core sucks too.


Would you please describe how deep you go when you front squat? My front squat (to parallel) max is well above my bench press max...


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Alpha, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Your backsquat is just about 100# over your bench. And both are very respectable #'s imho.

What do you gain by having your front squat higher than your bench, anyway? But if you really want to improve it, there's always smolov!


The strength ratio article by Brad Kaczmarski suggests a FS should be about 90% of your bench.


Probably a lot of room for argument here, but you do match up damn close to what he says for those two lifts.


he suggests CGBP to be the same as front squat? i cant imagine that being balanced (although my pressing does suck)

i dont know, i consider my bench press and my front squat to both be weak points, but i definitly front squat more


I recently did a 1RM test of my bench and front squat since I needed it to calculate my percentages for 5/3/1.

They were exactly the same. However, in the past my bench was usually 5-15lbs higher.


I repped on front squat (8x) what I max bench (385).


I think it depends on how you bench (touch&go, pause, etc).

Personally, I bench around 215-220, and front squat about 250. So, big difference for me, but I'm bottom-heavy.


Well i don't gain anything from my FS being higher--it just seemed kind of back-arse-wards and I was wondering if any of you were in a similar situation...

Looks like I am not alone with this one...


CGBP is about the same for me (I may even be able to do a little more than front squat). I'm pretty tri dominate on bench though.


i dunno, my bench 1RM is 350. my front squat 1RM is 415.


WTF.... I front squat x5 my bench max. If not more.