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Front Squat/Back Squat

i used to be able to do just about anything. i was very flexible etc. thats the past for right now. for many years now i really could not do full depth back squats. i used to use the smith machine so i could get some depth. with front squats i had the problem of holding the bar basically in the clean catch position. and the cross arms could only allow me to do so much. then i met you and learned i could use straps… real cool. so now i do front squats ATG no problem. from pins or not. and they give me no pain, and my strength increases.

it seems that with the ds launch, and the fr squats, and the pulls, i am getting lots of leg stimulation. in fact there’s a portion of my quad about 4 inches above the knee or so, that is getting hard… i believe it’s from the pulls
so, am i missing much by not doing any back squats?