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Front Squat/Back Squat Correlation?


What weight are you using for your front squat and back squat? I am doing 315 at 5x5-back and only 155 5x5-front. I feel that my front squat is significantly lacking compared to my back squat.
I would like to know if there is any correlation between the two? Like if the back squat is___ then front should be ____ or is it just not that simple.

And does anyone think that my numbers are evenly matched, and fine?


You're asking about your 315 5x5 in the beginner's forum?


Yea, I guess...where should I post it?


How long have you been lifting?

BTW front squat should be a good bit less than back squat.


If you've never done a front squat before than that may explain the low weight. You may want to do a few weeks of higher reps than 5 just to get used to it, but your numbers should shoot up quickly.

I don't know any percentages, or exact weight ratios' but 155 is low and you should at least be above 225.


4 crappy years and 2 decent. I have only been doing front squat for about 7-8 months.
I understand that the front should be a good amount less than back but, I was just wondering if there is a good correlation as to what a decent balance is? and I was looking for feed back from others as to what thier correlation is?


I'm more efficient with the front than I am with the back. Not sure what that says about me other than I'd excel in a prison environment.


I dont even know what that means but ok...thanks for the reply, what are your numbers like?


It was a joke...


Thanks, I also posted this question in the Strength Sports section and have been getting good feedback over there in case anyone is interested...


Yeah, that's what I was saying. Post there, not here. You're not a beginner.


I asked the same questions awile back. The consenus was about 75% of back squat.