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Front Squat as Primary Strength Builder

Title is topic. The reason why I’m asking is that depending on if I decide to workout at home, that’s what I will be able to do and I’m concerned about loosing leg strength. I’m going to be hitting three plates within the next two months or so. I would be supplementing it with lunges and good mornings.

how will you lose leg strength by progressing on your front squat?

Assuming you can hit your hamstrings well enough with just good mornings and lunges, you should be fine. There are plenty of people who’ve eschewed back squats for front squats and continue to make progress. Just make sure you work your posterior chain sufficiently. To that end, you may want to add deadlifts to your routine (if you’re not already doing them).

Front squats are way harder than back squats with the same weight. You will not really lose strength per say, but the specific movement strength. If you stop back squatting altogether, it might take a few weeks or even months to get back to your previous levels of strength on that particular movement.

It may be a really good idea in the long run for back health and if you are training for athletics. IMO Front squats are better than Front squats for those reasons

Front squats > Back squats?

[quote]alvinmathew88 wrote:
Front squats > Back squats? [/quote]

According to alpha,

front squats> front squats.

So who knows?

He has pretty hawt abz though, maybe you should listen to him and do front squats instead of front squats.

he does mean

front squats > back squats

rather than

front squats > front squats ?

Nope … front squats > front squats.

plain and simple

I’m so glad I went from front squats to front squats, I hope I don’t lose strength on my front squats in the mean time…