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Front Squat Arm Position, Does It Really Matter?


For someone doing front squats for general strength and mass, and not for competitive olympic lifting, does it really matter whether front squats are done with the clean grip or cross arm grip?




I would agree it doesn’t really matter for general use.

However, if you ever have any interest in doing/learning cleans it is important and I also believe it is an important skill/position to learn to just add to your strength training arsenal. Just as much as learning how to overhead squat or learning how to properly execute a deadlift. It isn’t at all necessary, but developing the skill and proper position will make you a better overall lifter.


Broadly, no. However, I have personally found it easier to stay tight and upright using a clean grip; and I can get bicep cramps with cross grip, but never clean grip.


Which ever is more comfortable, but if they are the same do olympic style, as you are already doing front squat , in future you may want to do cleans down the road, i use wrist wraps when i do them.


in theory, a clean style grip should put your upper back musculature in a more favourable position, but I’m not convinced it makes a huge amount of difference.


I got a sore left triceps recently using the clean grip, which is probably due to lack of flexibility. Coincidentally, I also have a medium case of elbow tendinitis that’s more pronounced in my left arm, mostly from doing to many pull-ups. For now I’ll use the cross grip and build to the clean grip as my elbow heals and I build flexibility (the bar feels more stable in clean grip).


For most people, especially those lacking in flexibility, the clean grip will be difficult at first and you won’t be able to do as much weight as with your arms crossed, but once you get used to it I find you gain better stability in control and thus give way for your FS to get stronger.


i use cross and olympic grips with finger tips doesn’t really matter whatever feels more comfortable for you


For general training/non-competitors, there’s no major difference. But… those aren’t the only two options. Using straps is a solid option and one I prefer. With your elbow issue, you might find it a good compromise.


I’ll get some straps. Until then I’ll experiment with grips.