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Front Squat and Sumo Dead Critque

did a bit less on sumos to focus on my back being straight

Front Squats look good. Nice job keeping the elbows high.
I don’t see a Sumo Deadlift video.

nice form on front squats, i think you forgot to post about the sumo.

front squats looking pretty good!

one thing I noticed is that you tend to round your upper back forwards a bit. i can’t see your grip on the bar but it is possible that it has to do with wrist flexibility or it is possible that you need to focus a bit more on keeping the upper part of your chest up.

you could get a bit more power out of the hole if you think to drive your hips through (diagonally forwards and up) while simultaneously driving your knees out. it might be that this provides a bit of a stretch for your adductors.

nice job!

sorry about that computer going physcho again…

I’ll let someone more qualified talk about your form on the sumos (torso should be more upright though, I believe. Try to drop your balls onto the bar)

But, I just wanted to say nice job for not giving up and trying that last one again. I was pulling with you as I watched, haha!

bump for sumos
god i hate my computer

i only watched you reach down and grab the bar. it looks wrong to me. it is meant to look more like this:

Main thing to note: Keep your torso upright! You want your hips to stay in close to the bar - you don’t want to shove your butt back away from the bar. Don’t hinge your hip in order to send your butt back / bend your torso forward to reach the bar. Rather, hinge your knees (send them out to the sides) in order to lower your upright torso down to reach the bar.

Can’t do it?

Neither can I. Bloody sumo deadlifts!!!

Adductors and hips frigging OUCH!!!

Front squats - good but don’t take 10 steps to set yourself. With heavier weights this will suck.

DLs - you aren’t locking out all the way. Everything looks good until the top, but you have to force your hips through the bar (legs should be straight, knees locked when the bar’s at the top). Also for god’s sake don’t walk the bar over to the hooks on your final attempt when you’re gassed. Drop it, wait a minute and deal with taking off the weights then.

On the right track for sure.

H4M once wrote:

  1. Step up to the bar, position your feet. Shins should be damn near touching the bar, if not touching them.

1.5)[optional] Reach upwards with your arms and briefly hyper-extend your back, take a quick breath.

  1. Grab the bar, keep your hips nice and high as you adjust grip so as to preserve some elasticity in your muscles before the pull. Really crank your hands into the bar so it doesn’t budge and roll around at all.

  2. As you bring your hips down to the bar to get them in the pulling position, take a DEEP belly breath, stick your belly as far forward as possible, arch your back HARD.

  3. Pull the slack out of the bar, then immediately after doing so, pull the bar BACK, and push your hips forwards once the bar is a few inches off the ground.

Steps 1 and 2 can take 10-30 seconds, that’s fine, but steps 3 and 4 should only happen in a 1-2 second time frame. The best way to practice the steps is to treat every warmup set like a max set, as far as setup perfection goes. Don’t half-ass warmups, they can be a lifesaver for technique, and making mental notes.

Spread the floor to keep the knees out of the way and pull big boy weights.

The concentric looks ok to me, if anything your shoulders are a little in front of the bar. But your setup and the eccentric takes way too much time and limits what you can lift.

But I only deadlift 463, so take that for what it’s worth.