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Front Squat and Deadlift Form Critique


I've been working on my front squat form for a while and struggling to get it down. I also do conventional deadlifts as assistance work, I pull sumo typically, and it still feels awkward. Camera angles are a little awkward, I had an interesting time trying to find ways to prop up the phone.

Any critiques or advice would be appreciated!

Edit: And the video is going at like 5x speed...I'm not sure how to change that. So here's the youtube version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoXnSAUCsNI


Deadlift video


Viewing this on my phone so I can't really say if I can see everything, but here's my take

From the angle you have the phone it looks like you're doing most everything correct. No real rounding of the lower back, and you're going to good depth.

I would suggest pushing your knees out even harder during the squat (not changing your stance, that looks fine). And I would suggest two cues for your upper body--

1) think of an imaginary arrow point directly out of your breastbone. Now try to point that arrow at the ceiling--and keep it pointing directly at the ceiling throughout your squat, especially in the hole.

2) to help with that, think of keeping your elbows higher, forcing them up throughout the movement.

So, point your chest at the ceiling and push your knees out more all throughout the motion, but especially in the hole.

I can't see the deadlift video.


Believe it or not, it will be easier to use correct form on the front squats when you add weight to the bar. Your center of gravity will shift more forward, and you won't feel like you have to lean so far forward to keep your balance.

Also, you don't have to worry so much about 'sitting back' on front squats. You're supposed to keep a more upright torso angle, so don't worry about your knees drifting in front of your toes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulKOiABrrmo&feature=related

Deadlifts look great.


Jay, agree. And btw i'm not so worried about her drifting forward, or not sitting back, I just think the cues will help her stay more upright. the more you spread the knees the easier it is to remain upright.


Thanks for the advice guys. I'll try out the front squat tomorrow with some weight and see if it makes it any easier! The deadlift video probably wasn't the best one to put up since it was only 135lbs and who doesn't have good form with 135 lbs?

Appreciate all the replies!