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Front Squat and Deadlift Form Check


Hi guys,

You would help me a lot if you could check my form in this videos

Front squat:

Squatting never felt too “natural” for me, I know a lot of people say it is just sit down. I started 2 months ago doing front squats. It is easier to avoid “form cheating” doing them, I really like them. Now it is getting better, but I think I lacked glutes strength or some kind of misbalance. Before I used to lean forward when the weight was heavy, now I think that is fixed.
Still I have the feeling I open my legs a lot, seeing at other people’s pictures doing front squats.


In the last series I start rounding the back. I didn’t actually notice it during the exercise, so I will have to pay more attention to it. In the video seems light weight, but it was really heavy for me :D.

Many thanks :slight_smile:


1.) For the front squat, I really don’t see much wrong with your actual form. You need to ditch the plates under your heels, and start using either a flat bottomed show (Chuck Taylor’s) or an Olympic weightlifting shoe (those can be pretty expensive). If you can’t reach depth, you need to work on ankle mobility. I know it’s just a form check, but you need to be lifting a little faster and heavier for us to really access your problems.

2.) Deadlift is about the same as the front squat. Honestly, you can’t tell much because the weight is so light and you’re purposely moving it so slow.

I seen you mentioned that the deadlift seemed heavy, but from the video that’s definitely not the case. Maybe you’re just not experienced in lifting heavy weight. Up the weight a little (don’t go full on max weight), start pulling the bar with good speed, and your form will be easier to access. Also, ditch the slow negatives on the deadlift.


Seems to me that one major problem in your deadlift is that you’re using plates that are too small. This sets the bar starting position too low, since it should always be at the height of regular big 20kg/45lbs plates. If your gym does not have lighter big plates, just start from 60kg or elevate the bar by putting smaller plates beneath the loading plates.


I would jump on SL or SS for a few cycles. Just to get the weight up and concentrate on form. Should be around 16 to 24 weeks.

And yeah, ditch the plate, work on mobility and strength.


Not comfortable squatting? Are you comfortable sitting down to crap? Same movement.