Front Squat and Deadlift Form Check

Lighten the load by a bit to emphasis technique for the vids.

Front squat-5 x 90kg

Deadlift-1 x 160kg


lose the trainers, go barefoot and you good to go

As far as your deadlift goes, you appear to pull the load with your lower back. I’ve had the exact same form issue pointed out to me lately also so I will share with you what I was told in hopes that it makes sense: think of the deadlift as a two-part movement. It’s almost squatting the weight up and then lockout.

That looked like 80 kg for front squats (unless thats a 30 kg bar) but who’s counting :slight_smile: Form looked good

That deadlift wasn’t optimal as far as strength goes. You were pulling really slow, but it didn’t seem like you were straining at all. With some form adjustments, you could easily pull more, in my opinion. Still, you got a pretty strong back, good work.

Looks good