Front Squat Acheivement

When I started lifting in August, I could barely back squat 185X3. I switched to front squats a couple of months ago because they put less stress on my lower back. Yesterday I front squated 2X6,2X5 and 2X4 at 185. 30 reps but took me 6 sets. Still weak but I just wanted to give myself a little pat on the back. My goal for the next 6 months is 225 front squat. Thanks to everyone on this site for all the useful info.

Good progress so far. Smoke your goal and then go for 275 :slight_smile:

Yeah keep it up. Yeah back squats were jacking up my back. So front squats are a saviour to me. I worked up to 225 for a couple reps and it was brutal. Now I’m sitting around 205 just working on form and upping weight accordingly

You can get 225 alot sooner then 6 months:D. I would love to hit 315+ for reps by the end of the year or sooner.

I am going to work for 225 sooner than 6 months. I wanted a realistic goal. When I beat it, great! 315 fronts would be like killer hawt abs bro! I could live with 315 for a month or so. Lift heavy or go home! is my new mantra.

Im going for 225 in my front squat today… its a major exercise !!

Good work bro keep the progress coming !

Blunt,did you hit it today? If so, good job!

How do (full) front squats compare to back squats for athletic goals? Say speed and vertical jump gains.

How do (full) front squats compare to back squats for athletic goals? Say speed and vertical jump gains.

I think you can’t go wrong with either. They will both improve your speed and athletic ability.

I don’t really have back problems so I tend to favor the back squat. More weight = more force = greater explosion.

Don’t get me wrong though. I back squat one day per week and I front squat one day per week.

Some say front squats don’t work the posterior chain as much as back squats (and these people are probably right, as they are knowledgable…i.e. elitefitnesss systems writers), but mike boyle only uses front squats due to their lessening of injury. I think front squats are a great “quad dominant” lower body choice, and who really looks to squats for their posterior chain anyways? (glute-hams, deadlifts, pullthrus…etc.)

Front squats have the added benefit of working the upper back stabilizers and the rest of your core as you fight to stop the wt from pulling you forward. That is a very sport-specific situation as most opponents are in front of you. If you played football and block, you know what I’m talking about.

Also, a good tip for increasing wt on the front squat is to use lifting straps as a grip (mike boyle describes this and so does charles poliquin). It takes stress of the wrist and allows you to better keep your elbows up!

Whenever I do front squats, I do the ‘bodybuilder’ cross armed style because I seem to think that one is better. I don’t really do any olympic lifts other than the push jerk and the power clean.

i’ve been enjoying front squats with dumbells. i do them for my muscle imbalance but they are also a lot of fun

I’ve been doing low bar back squats before for a while but I find that it is inevitable sometimes to keep the arch in my back when it gets heavier. So therefore, I’m switching back to high bar which seems to be better for my lower back.

I think I’m going to be switching to high bar squats permanently, and also do front squats. However when I do box squats, I may switch to a low bar setting.

I feel that front squats (and high bar full back squats) are safer for my back overall so I’m not going to take the risk of damaging my lower back.

I’ve seen you post a couple of times about high bar vs. low bar squats.

I’ve been lifting a long time and I don’t know as though I’ve ever come across those terms.

What’s the difference? Where do you place the bar for both of those?

Haha yeah, I’m just a beginner who wants to do everything right. I just started lifting seriously 3 months ago.

High bar squats is when the bar is placed high on the back-- the traps. More common on Olympic weightlifters.

Low bar squats is when the bar is placed on the rear deltoids and the upper back is much more tight. This is what powerlifters do.

Ah. I see. Guess I never really paid much attention to bar placement. I’ve seen it done both ways. I think most people just do what is comfortable. I don’t know how a 6" difference in placement is going to affect the end result. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If you’re a beginner, I’d worry more about proper technique first. Then start worrying about weight. If you truly become an elite lifter, then maybe I’d start sweatin’ the small stuff, but you’ve got plenty of time until that happens.

Yep, I’ve been fiddling with weights for the past 2 years. I used them to improve my vertical jump in high school 2 years back but I didn’t do much upper body work. Now I’m on the Westside for Skinny Bastards 3 template hoping to increase the poundages on my lifts whilst getting more athletic.

Update for anyone who is interested:
Took about 2 weeks off from the gym for a number of reasons. Just got back in a couple of days ago. Thought I was going to have lost what I had in front squats. Did 3X6, 3X4 and 1X5 at 185. wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Also did dead lifts with a trap bar for the first time today.2x5x235 and 2x3x285.

Now my question: I hear people talk about a correlation between squats and deads. At a 185 front squat, which would be close to a 245 back squat, what should I be dead lifting?