Front Squat - Accessory Work

So lately I have been doing 8 sets of singles with the front squats. Generally, I use the straps and I keep my legs shoulder width apart but as I descend I have the ability to stay tight, upright, and elbows high but once I drive out of the pocket I can feel my full back slightly rounding, leaning forward, and elbows coming down but still the elbows remain 90 degrees or higher but when coming up I grind up. I weight 180 roughly and I am doing 8x1 with 275.

This is not an issue when warming up and while doing rest-pause sets at the bottom and staying up right but doing singles for 8 sets with 275.

When I rack out, I pull my elbows high well above 90 and take a deep breath, I slightly drop my hips back (very little) then break the knees out and sink my hips but when I drive up with this weight just feels like a grinder and back is elongated when coming up.

I really want to break this habit because I am sure when I increase the weight this will progress. Any ideas to break this barrier.

Work on making your upper and middle back stronger and sit straight down instead of pushing your hips back at all.

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Try pause in the bottom front squats. That and constantly reminding yourself of the chest/elbows up cue might help.

Try moving to sets of triples with a slightly lighter weight.

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Frequently with the front squat, the mid and upper back will be the limiting factor. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, that and the work on the quads is why this is a movement frequently done to improve the deadlift.

Does the same thing happen with your back squat? If so, then just keep going at the front squats and maybe some mid and upper back work like with some barbell rows.

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Thanks for replying. So would you suggest that I emphasize my upper back training, work on front squat heavy rack outs? I have not back squatted in two to three years as I have been working on front squats for a while.

Sorry, I was under the assumption your goal was to increase your back squat.

But same advice applies with the rows.

And sure! Some heavy front squat holds would be great. You could also try some Zercher carries.

Ever tried paused in the hole front squats like Benny mentioned? I find those to be more of a back exercise than a leg one myself.

One thing not mentioned are your abs. That can be a cause of torso crumpling in the hole on a squat especially a front squat. Just lots of general ab work (especially emphasizing stabilizing), carries, and front squat holds.

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