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Front Squat - Accessory Exercises To Stay Upright When Driving Out of The Hole


So lately I have been doing 8 sets of singles with the front squats. Generally, I use the straps and I keep my legs shoulder width apart but as I descend I have the ability to stay tight, upright, and elbows high but once I drive out of the pocket I can feel my full back slightly rounding, leaning forward, and elbows coming down but still the elbows remain 90 degrees or higher but when coming up I grind up. I weight 180 roughly and I am doing 8x1 with 275.

This is not an issue when warming up and while doing rest-pause sets at the bottom and staying up right but doing singles for 8 sets with 275.

When I rack out, I pull my elbows high well above 90 and take a deep breath, I slightly drop my hips back (very little) then break the knees out and sink my hips but when I drive up with this weight just feels like a grinder and back is elongated when coming up.

I really want to break this habit because I am sure when I increase the weight this will progress. Any ideas to break this barrier.


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