Front Shoulder Pain. Glenohumeral Joint?

I was benching pretty heavy in this cycle. And I feel some pain in my front shoulder/chest insertation. I actually think it’s the glenohumeral joint and maybe a bit of rotator cuff. I feel the pain when I throw a hook or anything like that.

Was just wondering actually if I could use the tennis ball on the front of my shoulder/chest insertation where it hurts to work it out. (glenohumeral) Would this be a good idea to rub the tennis ball where it hurts at the shoulder/chest and just hold it where it really hurts? Or could this just make it feel more strained.

I’m gonna be doing stretches and such to make it feel better and all but was just wondering if this will help or make it worse? Thanks

try sleeping on your stomach and rubbing it into the mattress a lot whenenever your opposite knee is up and your face is turned the other way…(serious)

What kind of back/shoulder work have you been doing? I was out for the better half of the summer because I apparently wasn’t doing enough back work (even though I kept it even with my benching) and ended up tearing that little muscle that slides along the shelf in your scapula (Teres minor or major I forgot which one)

So I would suggest checking for muscle imbalances in your back and shoulders and proceeding from there.

Then again it could also be completely unrelated

For back work I do a lot of chinups/pullups and bent over rows. Sometimes I’ll get a total rep volume of 50 pullups. Bent Over row I usually work up heavy, like to do strict reps with 185-225, then from there add 30lbs or so more and add a little cheat to it.

NewBatman - lol is this to like work it out or something?

I think it’s just overworked…I was doing 2x a week bench press high intensity AND high volume. Just a small cycle (3weeks) to increase strength specifically in the bench press.
I’m dumb and shoulda done some shoulder drills to keep rotator alright but oh well.
I’m just gonna stretch my shoulders, do rotator cuff work, with the tennis ball work the teres minor and such, and just work triceps hard to keep strength up in bench press. I think in about a week it’ll be completely healed up. I HOPE! cause I really want a 405 bench, and that’s all I’m set on right now!!!

Just found this when you mentioned teres minor GVkid.

Shows all the shoulder muscles n stuff
I don’t know if I have IMPINGEMENT!

Impingement ? A dangerous problem

Sometimes things don?t work as smoothly as we would like. As hardcore athletes, we are susceptible to injury, especially with the extremes we push our bodies to. A common shoulder injury is impingement.

As I outlined above, the rotator cuff consists of four muscles: the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis. Impingement of the glenohumeral articulation refers to compression of the rotator cuff, specifically the supraspinatus against the acromion. The anterior acromion and the coracocromial ligament are the most common sites of impingement. The supraspinatus outlet is the space between the anterior acromion, the acromioclavicular joint, and the coracoacromial ligament. The supraspinatus tendon passes beneath these structures. Any narrowing of this outlet due to the shape of the acromion, prominence of the undersurface of the acromioclavicular joint, an anterior acromial spur, or thickening of the coracocromial ligament can lead to impingement. The impingement can cause the tendon or subacromial bursa to become inflamed.

This inflammation is referred to as tendinitis or bursitis. This condition is very detrimental to any athlete. Studies have shown that impingement can also be caused by weakness in the rotator cuff muscles, this is why I stress strengthening the rotator cuff. To further prevent impingement, it is also important to strengthen the muscles about the scapula including the inferior, medial, and superior trapezius, rhomboids and serratus anterior.


As I stated above, it is essential that you know and understand the inner workings of your body before you can take your bodybuilding to the next level. With this series, you will have the resources to do just that.

So it might be that I am inflamed in that area and have tendinitis!

I’ll take some advil ibuprofen…I already take Flameout, I’ll work my rotators, throw in more back work, stretch more, tennis ball. Hope this will maybe help someone else who gets this, it sucks lol.

[quote]rasturai wrote:

NewBatman - lol is this to like work it out or something?


I’m not sure…

it worked for me for some reason…

I think…

(maybe it was the posture it forced when I fell asleep like that or maybe it was the soft tissue massage or maybe it was the strengthening of little muscles to move around in such a posture for hours from left shoulder to right over and over again and in different poses and angles too while massaging it…ok sorry I’m rambling…please don’t yell at me)

It’s important to work the external rotators correctly. Your back work is focused mostly on lats, which are in internal rotator.

Any of the Cressey or Mike Robertson shoulder articles here will point you in the right direction.

Hey DragnCarry, I’m confused about the article I read Shoulder Savers #1 and 2 by Eric.

I’m un-sure what the external rotation work is:
My mistake that I forgot to mention that I do the YTWL drill, I do usually one set if it’s before benching, but two sets after workout. 10lbs or so…10 reps on each drill. I really feel it in my rear delts. That works external rotation right?
I’ve been adding in some external rotations also. 2 sets usally…12-15 reps.

Perhaps I should add in some scap work. Scap pushups n such also.
I think the stretching might help them too.
And I am doing the tennis ball roll on the posterior of the shoulder.
Do you think this will work?

I forgot to mention this is the 1st time I’ve ever had a shoulder problem, so it’s pretty new to me.
I’m just really aiming for my 405 bench, this is a small setback but hopefully within a week or 2 things will be all cleared up. It is already starting to feel a bit better :slight_smile:

you might want to do a month or so of doing things for “athletically adjusting” your shoulder in very high volume with very little weights:

jiu jitsu

:frowning: im runnin out of options haha
I already do muay thai. Muay Thai is my main thing, I just lift to get stronger/more powerful. I always wanted a 405 bench so now I’m gunnin for it. I had a little layoff of weights though so I tried somethin real intense and it hurt.

But the good news is, its already starting to feel better…the only thing is when I touch it…like press…it feels a little tender and hurts.
I dunno what the fuck thats about lol.

You do know what it’s about you just don’t want to lay off. Set a date for when your going to quit. Your not going to get much stronger by getting weaker, so when you start working out with lower weights and lower volume think about just laying off all together and come back and lift the heavy stuff

Yea they had me do the t&y’s thing when my shoulder was injured as well as some scapular pushups, try some serratus punches - lie on your back with a 5-10lb dumbbell in your hand and keep your arm locked out straight towards the ceiling and punch upwards from the shoulder (think of it as pushing through your elbow towards the ceiling without bending your arm), and maybe some wall liftoffs - stand in front of a wall about 6-10 inches away with your fingers extended, palms facing each other and arms shoulder-width apart; keeping your forearms on the wall slide your arms up, extending them over your head still against the wall and when you reach the fully extended position lift your arms straight back so they are in line with your ears then reverse the steps to the starting position.

also if you have a 3’long by 6" diameter foam roller, lay on it so your coxyx is on one end and the other end is up between your shoulder blades, and bring your arms straight out to the sides laying on the ground to try and stretch your chest back.

I hope some of this is helping. Good luck to you.

thanks man, ill try that out!
Airtruth…its so hard to lay off man lol. I haven’t been doin much all wweek, just rehab and stretch shit. Next week I’ll go light, and perhaps it’ll feel much better. Cause it is feelin lots better now which is good, but to lay off completely. Don’t know bout that! lol