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Front Shoulder Pain After Deadlifts

Thanks so much. I will work on it and put another pic soon hopefully.

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I’ll chime in. Your shoulder pain is, as someone else pointed out, biceps tendon. It’s from grip, because you never touch down with the little plates. Your grip is fatiguing and you are compensating by pulling up at the biceps, a normal reflex action that everyone does. You have to concentrate to not do it, or use straps after the first set, or set up blocks that allow you to touch and go from the correct height. Your torso is too horizontal at the bottom, you are actually doing more of a Romanian Dead Lift than a regular DL. Unlock your knees and let your butt drop a little, that’s the only way to keep your shoulders in plane over your ankles.


You guys are very smart. Thanks again. I"m going to get at it again. What are the benefits and difference between a RDL and DL?? And how do you choose which one to do?? Since my grip is tiring, is it more beneficial for me to do DL, because I see in RDLs, you don’t drop it down to the bottom. I would love to learn if it’s body type that dictates which one to do or muscles you want to work. Thanks so much to all. @hardartery @FlatsFarmer @ChickenLittle

RDL is really an assistance exercise outside of Bodybuilding. It focuses on the glutes and hamstrings. DL’s are a more overall movement. People use RDL’s to get bigger Squats and DL’s, but if your focus is aesthetic, it is a good movement on it’s own. Nothing wrong with using straps when the grip goes, btw.

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I have decent leverages for deadlifts, so it’s my favorite lift. I am going to add RDL in my next program in hopes of making my DL better. My goal is to get stronger.
What are your goals? Are you following a program?

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