Front/Regular Squat Differences?

i squat, but haven’t tried front squat.Aanyone know what benefits the front squat has?

Front squats work the quads more than a back squat. It’s harder to do and will require less weight. They are a good variation to try. However, you will need a good amount of flexibility to do them correctly. They put a lot of stress on the wrists and shoulders if done Olympic style (the best way, IMO).

Thanks, i’ll try it with pretty light weigth then.

Carryover to the clean.

A few other points to add on front squats are that they hit the abs as a stabilzer very effectively, even more than back squats.I also find it easier to go deep and maintain an upright posture using front squats. One point on form is to keep the bar high and tight close to the neck while keeping the elbows high as well.

Good luck they are a great exercise

Um, clean?

[quote]Ross Hunt wrote:
Carryover to the clean.[/quote]

yep and pushpress, 2 huge reasons to do them, unless your all bodybuilder

If you are using a decent amount of weight it forces you to use as technically correct form as possible… by that I mean you stay upright as you descend far more than a back squat… I find that you feel that you are going “deeper” into the front squat moreso than the back squat as well. Fries your abs as they assist you in keeping the weight over your delts and clavicles.

Also great as a assisting / transition exercise to overhead squats :slight_smile:

Just search the site for that pic of Dave Draper front squatting 315 from back in the day. Inspired yet ?

power clean, helps the deadlift also