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Front Raises - Questions


I started doing alternated froint raises for my shoulder routine.

(1) I know it's meant for the shoulders but I feel I'm working out mostly my forearms! ...I'm sure I'm using perfect form thou

(2) This happens also with laterals raises,but even more with front raises : I hear and feel my tendons/ligaments "scratching" a lot. It's not painful but I was wondering if it's OK.
I also feel my shoulder joints randomly "unlocking" sometimes.

I just don't know if these things are OK or not.



Tip: Bend your elbows slightly and think about lifting your elbows not the weight in your hands.

I don't know about this unlocking thing. I really have no idea what you mean by that.


I've left out front raises in general out of my routine, I feel that military/shoulder presses and incline bench hit the front delts enough.

For the "scratching", not sure if it will help, but try scapular plane side raises, which are at a 45degree angle, sort of half way between front and lateral raises - these are the most comfortable for me.