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Front Rack Position

What’s the best way to improve the front rack position to be able to perform front squats thanks

STEP 1A. Improve mobility

*This should be done as often as possible, everytime you go in the gym. 2-3 sets of each (30-45 seconds per set)

STEP 1B (same time as 1A) do strengthening for the external rotators.

STEP 2 (once you can at least take a front rack position in a front squat, even if it is not comfortable)
Strapped Mash front squat
*Strap your hands to the bar (like when you are doing a deadlift) and put the bar in the front rack. Then do a set of front squat (moderate weight) this way:

  • Hold the top position 8-10 seconds, trying to push the elbows as high as possible, squat down and hold the low position 5-6 seconds also trying the bring the elbows up as high as possible. Stand up, hold the top position (elbows high) for as long as tolerable.

It’s a form of loaded stretching, do one set at every session (not every lower body session, every session).

Depending on your current mobility and dedication (REALLY doing it 4-6x a week and not once or twice) it could take you 1-4 weeks per step. But it should also you to quickly have a very solid front rack position.

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