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Front Rack Position for Strict and Push Pressing


I can do front squats with a clean grip, but can't seem to get into a proper rack position for pressing.

I understand that ideally, 1)the elbows should be in line with the wrist during the start of any press and 2) the bar should touch the chest.

I can't do both 1) and 2) at the same time. To achieve 1), the bar would have to be "floating" above my shoulders and I know this is limiting my presses.

Anyone with the same problem? Is it just a flexibility issue? Anatomical?


I think there has been some discussion on this... Are you trying to press or to jerk? Why are you trying to press?


oh... most people don't do their presses from the rack - the bar is higher up. around chin height, as you have found. insofar as people do their presses from the rack they usually use a little leg drive to pop it up to around chin height, as you have found.

elbows in line with wrists... do you mean horizontally (rack) or vertically? vertical... well... you need your elbows up to make the little shelf for the bar to rest on your delts, typically.

if i try and drop my elbows down under the bar the bar will fall forwards off my delts.