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Front plate raises vs Tricep bar front raises


WSB seem to prescribe front raises for the anterior delts using a plate. My question is why can't you just use a tricep bar with a semi-pronated (hammer) grip to do them? That way you wouldn't be limited to just a 25, 35, 45 pound plate for loading variation.

And how would it affect it if you just used a supinated grip with a straight bar?


thats a great idea...good thnking..big martin


How about using bumbells? You can just grab one by the sides. Just like you would grab a medicine ball.


What's a "bumbell"?

Sorry bro I couldn't resist!


HA! I meant DUMBELL!
Nice one muslhed1171.


With Db's you could go unilaterally. No favoritism for weaker sides.



Billy I don't understand if you're saying its a good thing or a bad thing to use DB's. I wasn't talking about using two DB's.


PGA, it could go either way. If you want to isolate (cringe) each side use two DB's. If you want to train your delts to work together, use one.



Front raises are over rated. If your delt strength is lacking do some overhead work. Compound movements always win IMO. Not to mention heavy overhead work is great for the triceps and lockout strength.


well if your shoulders are beat up from squatting, good mornings, bands, etc. front raises might be a better option.


True, but I would have to wonder if your shoulders were really beat up from squatting etc should you really be placing more stress on them? Perhaps front raises with the sled would be a better option to avoid any more trauma. And really how often is front delt strength a limiting factor in the bench press? Not very often in my experience.


Every time I do over head presses my shoulders ache for a week. So I would say yes.


And every time I do front raises my bicep tendonitis flares up!


Thus the reasoning behind only using a 45 pound plate to do them with....


What do you mean?


To be more specific whats the difference between using a 45lb load on a hammer bar and a 45lb plate to do front raises with? Nothing as far as I can see.


Hey Creed,

No difference. My remark was geared toward doing front raises as opposed to not doing them. And using a lighter weight (45 pounds) to prevent getting tendonitis.

I do them with a plate, seated, and raise only until I can see through the hole in the plate. I don't do them to build front delts but more to flush the muscle with blood.

Sorry if I wasn't clear, that's all I meant.



Creed sorry to hijack your thread,
but I just wanted to ask people here how much direct shoulder work is really neccessary. Comming back from a cuff rotator injury I feel my shoulders are already trained alot from benching etc well my frint delts at least.

So if not much direct work is required then what would be good other than BB or DB shoulder presses


Not a bad idea to work the shoulders through a full ROM for health and balance sakes. Bench only works em in the lower range


Dumbbell is spelt with two b's - another common mistake.