Front Plate Raise: Higher Reps or Heavier Weight?

My current personal best is 35 lbs for 25 reps and 45 lbs for 9 reps.
For muscle gain should I focus on increasing the reps with the 35 lbs for a more high rep set or the 45 lbs for relatively lower reps ?

Paul’s go to was always 100 reps non stop. I use 10 kg bumper plate. Then go up.


From my very modest experience and what I’ve read online, delts respond to high reps not hight weight.

I’d go lower weight (25lb plate if you can) and once you can monster 100 reps add some weight.


Thanks alot for your responses.

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IDEM cant feel my front delt using heavy weight and low rep

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I’m gonna be honest! I had to Google what IDEM meant. And I love that fact it’s got latin roots.

hahaha funny

Ouch! My shoulders start burning at around 10 reps and by the time I get to 15 it’s some of the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I’ve been experimenting the past week doing some form of raises every day per section 4 of this article and it’s brutal doing them everyday


A word to the wise. Make sure you’re using the right terminology there. Pain and discomfort are different. Discomfort is your mind telling you, your body is about to give up. Pain is your body giving up.

I’m being pedantic as in this thread it’s not an issue. But if you change to context - the differentiation would matter.

Btw I’m only saying 100 reps as a throw away comment. 100x any movement is awesome. I doubt I could “air” squat 100 times. 100x 25lb front raise is a great goal, but if you get to 93 reps dont feel like you can’t jump up 5lbs cuz I said so.
I do side lat rises, 5kg (11lb) for sets if 25. Once I reach 50 I’ll add 1kg. I doubt I’ll ever reach 8 kg each hand. But if I do I’ll be very happy.

No, I’m talking about this kind of pain ;^ )


Best kind, right?

Roger that.

Whenever the gyms reopen, I have a new challenge! I normally go with a 45 or 55 lbs plate for 20 reps for as many sets as i’m in the mood.

I’ve never tried to see how many i can do straight. This is an awesome find for me.

Delts, like all muscle groups, can respond to low or high reps.

The reason I like high reps for front raises is because they simply don’t lend themselves to heavier loading because you’re simply using one joint (the shoulder) and virtually nothing else, with an incredibly long lever arm, to move the load.

So it doesn’t really lend itself to high loading. I shoot for about 20 reps now when I do those.

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