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Front Loading Sust on Test/Deca Cycle

I have a question, I’m planning on starting a 500mg test cyp and 250mg Deca cycle but I also have Sustanon 250 and was wondering what you guys thought about me front loading the sus just to get a jump start. If so how much should I dose a week and for how many weeks? My cycle will be a 10 week cycle with the test cyp and Deca. Thanks in advance!

Eh… I don’t like it. Only one of the esters in Sus is short. Also you with a blend and then switching to long ester, it will make side effect management hard to troubleshoot.

So just don’t touch the sus and stick to my original cycle or should I use the sus instead of the cyp? Sorry for all the questions this is just my 2nd go my first one I ran just sus at 500 a week for 12 weeks with some pretty damn good gains! 22 lbs. to be exact.

I prefer the cyp personally and save the sus for another time.

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Here’s some more to back up what blshaw already said.
Sustanon, looks great…on paper. It is really made for trt. To properly harness the blend of esters then you should pin it every other day. In that context of EOD then it could be beneficial to start your cycle with it, you might get into the gaining sweet spot a little bit sooner. It’s no guarantee but it’s a better chance than not. Now if you were to do some sort of front load you could double dose the first week. I always just double my first injection and carry on. If you doubled then that’s 1000 mg or 4 MLS of sust. You could run the sust until the bottles out yet if you wanted to keep from a more significant hormone levels fluctuation then after the first week you would want to inject 1/2 ml EOD for almost the average of 500mgs a week. You in theory would be using the sust in a manner that allows you to capitalize on the blend of esters in regards to a steroid cycle. But fuck it’s a lot of shots and do the math it’s about the first 4 weeks of your cycle doing that (if you front load). I am willing to bet that if it were possible to quantifiably measure it then you would be into the sweet spot for your test levels a bit sooner vs just a basic cyp run.
Fyi if you want to do all that then after the sust bottle is empty you could switch over to cyp and just do two equal shots per week.

With the deca I have to tell you, you need to stretch out this cycle. Ten weeks isn’t really the right time even for enanthate or cypionate so it’s definitely too short for decanoate. 12-but should be 15 weeks is what you should look at.
If you did the deca and stretches out the cycle then I would advise to run your test two weeks past the end of the deca. If you did the front load with sust by the time your body got “comfortable” with the test levels then the deca would be right I it’s sweet spot, that timing could let you really have a good extended gaining period. But everyone is different.

If you stop deca and test together then you need to wait three weeks for PCT. If you stop deca two weeks before test then wait two weeks after test, provided it is cypionate. If it is sust then you have to wait three weeks to PCT. Also with deca it’s not a bad idea to add an additional week or two to your PCT, but at a reduced Nolvadex dose like 10 mg Ed or EOD.

Sorry, have to call bullshit.

No it’s not. Because

Harness, lol. Horses?

Righty oh mate, just jack yourself up with two weeks of gear on the first day and let her rip mate!

Off you go now.

Yes, just inject till the bottles out, then inject whatever’s left until your dick falls off. All good then? Cheerio mate.

Me too mate, hit the sweet spot, then just go till the bottle runs out.

It’s all about the sweet spot mate. Never mind if you get deca dick, you’ll be in the sweet spot, and that’s all that matters.

Unless it’s on a Wednesday, then you have to wait 24.5 days because it will be a new moon.

Unless it’s on a Tuesday, then just cut your willy off because it will never work again anyway.

Unless it’s on a Thursday…

You do have a PCT planned, right?

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This… I had bloods taken from a singular 250mg shot of sustanon… one day post shot I was at 1600ng/dl or something similar to that… six days post shot I was down at 600ng/dl

Sustanon sucks, and the “take a shot every three weeks” touted by medical professionals doesn’t work, 3 wks post shot I was down at/slightly below 100ng/dl

I will say English can be and is an ambiguous language.

There are four esters in sust. No UGL came up with that, they blend longer esters for a gaining blend of test, they don’t include propionate unless they are copying sust or that other one that came out of eastern Europe (omadren or something like that). A big pharma company came up with sust and they didn’t do that so gym rats can gain more muscle faster. It absolutely came up with it for TRT. Go read a history of AAS book by an accredited source.

If you have sust you are going to spike real quick because of the prop and every subsiquent shot raises that spike until the long esters build up. The spike is followed by a drop. All shots do this regardless of ester it is just so much more pronounced with sust. Go to steroidcalc if you don’t understand and program in all the esters and mgs.

If prop is in there then in order to keep your levels as even as possible as they rise, and even after you have plateoued you need to inject EOD because of the prop, really you need to do it every day. Again i refer you to the steroid calc. It’s math, numbers don’t lie. The point of what I said and explained is “try to keep your test level as even as possible.” And sense you seem to have a limited understanding or you might be newer to this, when I say prop, it is short hand for propionate as in testosterone propionate.

You did not understand what I was saying when I said 1000mgs for your first week if you front load. I was not saying all at once, I was saying 250mgs EOD to front load if you so choose. The jury is still out on front loads, I like them but I know the placebo effect works on me so… That was just a “hey here’s a way to front load if you so choose, it’s a modification of a pretty regular concept I have seen over the years.” It’s pretty consistent that a front load is twice the normal or weekly dose. It is just a way to get the blood plasma levels up quicker. Again the jury is out on if it does a whole lot in regards to returns but higher blood plasma levels is the target in any injection schedule.

I didn’t get much further with your response because i couldn’t see past the ignorance of your reaction, it was a very emotional reaction or at least that’s how it read.

Remember nothing I said was “Hey fucker this is set in stone you fucking idiot.” It was all just hey from my experience, and this experience is a few years down the road from you, this is what I think.

Fyi, look up the definition of harness, capitalize, exploit, “take advantage”, use, ect… People tend to think they only fit within the context of how they heard someone use them, and most people are negative little shits because they are not happy in life. Harness is something you put on a horse or other beast of burden but it’s also an action one can take. (Get a dictionary) Don’t let those little negative shits limit you and your life’s journey. It will be a sad sad pathetic journey if you don’t learn think for yourself.


I read more of your response The_Myth, do you understand that sustanon is a blend of four different testosterone esters? Do you understand a half life? Do you understand that the four different esters have different half lives? Do you understand why and when we perform PCT?

There has to be something up on your end, not being a dick. You have to be having a shitty day or something.

Regarding front loading… I believe it’s a practice that DOES work in relation to achieving steady state quicker, the medical community actually employs front loading within a variety of different medications… test U for one… whether it actually effects gains when using supraphysiologic doses of anabolic androgenic steroids however isn’t determined

Actually if one looks at the initial clinical trials, sustanon was initially formulated for TRT

there is no WAY organon developed this sustanon thinking “how can we create the best type of testosterone for athletes to abuse?” Because they wouldn’t be able to market that in the US, Australia, Most European countries barring the UK and Netherlands etc

That wasn’t my response bro, I’m extremely appreciative of all of y’all responses because I am fairly new to this with only about 6 months of research under my belt so all input from you guys is great! I don’t understand why some dip shit would come on here and respond like that on a post that I’m just trying to soak up information on! I appreciate the time you took to respond to my questions! Also I do have a pct in line of HCG and Nolvadex and yes I do understand what I’m putting into my body I just want to find out everyone else’s recommendations like I said before I really do appreciate everyone’s response besides this other cat on here randomly talking crap!

And yet again, spewing bullshit bro science and potentially destroying someones PCT.

I’ve lost count the amount of times you’ve said this cookie cutter 2 weeks post enanthate injection bullshit and I’ve had to correct you.

Do you not understand half lives and the build up of drug in the system. Clearance times?



Yes I do understand the build up. I don’t necessarily write this out but I did for a while and now I just got sick of it and I assume its basic understood with the typical two equal shots per week injection schedule. Your last week call it week 12, you inject 250 on Sunday then Wednesday. You wait week 13 and 14 then on start of week 15 you start PCT.
The amount of testosterone free from the ester and able to do something in your body will be below natural levels by this time. Even if you pin
and end up with a build up of a total of 1000 mgs of Testosterone enanthate on Wednesday of week 12 then that is two half lives at least (give or take and I’m going with the generally accepted one week or 7 day half life of enanthate). So 1000 then a half live that’s 500 then another half life that’s 250. That 250 is still testosterone enanthate or cypionate. It doesn’t get detected by the body as testosterone until the ester is off. So let’s say at the beginning of week 15 you still have 250 mgs of test enanthate in your body the next half life is going to chew up 125mgs. So for over a week you have 125mgs being used up. In that case if you pinned 1000mgs then waited EXACTLY two half lives you would then still be slightly over natural at the VERY beginning of the week and remember I am referring to “per day levels of test free from the ester”. But remember you waited two And a half weeks since the shot and plus very few people are going to have a build up of 1000 mgs. Even in that case a few days into week 15 then the amount of Testosterone free from the ester would be below natural levels (again per day levels being released from the ester). Testosterone enanthate doesn’t do anything in the body until the ester is off. It’s the amount of Testosterone released from the ester per day that has to be below natural levels then PCT can start. That amount of 250 mgs still inn the body at beginning of week 15 is miss leading. Remember I am assuming they do two equal shots per week then last week of 12 gets counted as a full week then week 13 and 14 there is nothing taken finally arriving at the beginning of week 15 for the start of PCT.

The synthetic Testosterone free from the ester is “unrecognizable” to the body vs natural. If the body can detect that naturally produced Testosterone levels are below where they need to be and then produce an amount to get the level up to ‘optimall’ (relative for the situation) then the same situation can acure if the synthetic Testosterone levels (free from the ester per day) are below what the body needs them to be.

Yeah I got you bud, I was responding to the response I got.

HCG should never overlap PCT. You can use up to the start but not together. Basically and this is a dumbed down simplified sort of explanation (I feel I shouldn’t have to say that but apparently I do) the point of PCT is to get our bodies to produce their own “HCG” via the hpta loop. So taking during PCT would basically stop your body from needing to produce it’s own. Again that’s a dumbed down simplified easy to digest and comprehend the basics of it explanation or reason.

The message above this one I accidentally attached to unreal and it was meant for you. Sorry, just hit the wrong part of my phone’s screen and didn’t catch it.

To clarify, it was blended for TRT, but it’s a poor choice for it. Hence my opposition to the claim “it was really made for trt” as I thought the claim was that it was perfect for TRT. Kind of easy to miss the point due to the verbosity of the author.

As for the English lesson, let me show you how it’s done.

This is a run on. Omadren is actually Omnadren - five second Google search - you’re welcome.

Quick should be quickly - it’s describing a verb so it’s an adverb. Fourth grade grammar.



Proper noun, capitalize it.

Homonym, since

No, you said this,

Sounds like one shot to me.

You get the point. If not from me, then this might make it more clear,

Usually people use big words and excessive loquacity to establish ethos because they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. This is another example.

Have a nice day.


Dude… why are you so angry?

I mean… the grammatical corrections… was it funny?.. yes… but still, why be so hostile towards another forum member absent of provocation?

In my case, sometimes I’ll get picked on due to my age… somewhat understandable… I suppose… even though it irritates the shit out of me…

But nowIcare didn’t particularly do anything

Not angry at all, lol.

The provocation was presenting himself as an expert, when he clearly isn’t.

You, on the other hand, are a savant, You have established credibility and provide valuable support to others on their AAS quest.

And, of course, then, the patronizing response.


This one is particularly funny since (spelled correctly) he fucked up the etc…

It’s all pretty funny since not only I called him out, but so did @Singhbuilder

I think you realize there is a lot of bro science being spewed as gospel. I just call bullshit when I see a pompous ass trying to talk shit. I’m actually very ignorant compared to you with respect to AAS. I know a bit, having been on TRT for five years, having done a blast or two, having read a shitload of posts, having been corrected by those more experienced on many occasions.

And, I guess, on occasion, I get a little bitchy.


I don’t think now I care represents the qualities of someone who could be deemed an “ass” though… his intent is to help, not harm or criticise.

Fair enough, we all have bad days. There are a select few I’ll lose my shit with… but that typically pertains to obvious, blatant abuse of AAS or those who speak as if their word is fact, putting down others with differing ideology despite the fact that the individual at hand here is (unknowingly) wrong… then when called out/proven wrong they’ll double down, pull a “donaldtrumphurricaneforecast”… that or in real life when I see an individual take advantage/pick on of someone weaker, impaired or insecure… it makes me sick, and in this type of situation I might actually be the aggressor (towards the indiviual clearly in the wrong)